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Introduction to the Beagle (Brief guide for prospective owners)

The real family friend..........
The Beagle's happy, affectionate nature and robust character makes it an ideal family pet. They are extremely intelligent and keen to please. Their hunting heritage gives them the quality of persistence and the ability to work things out for themselves. Their rather 'happy go lucky' outlook makes them great companions for all the family both human and animal alike.

Clean living..........
Being only 13-16" at the shoulder, the Beagle is a great little athlete, masses of stamina and with energy to spare. They love plenty of exercise and, being short coated, they are easy to look after, whatever the weather. A simple rub down with a dry towel and they are clean again, even after the muddiest of walks. Their dense, weatherproof coats. clean legs and small, compact feet makes them a blessing in any household! Beagles never need to be clipped and their strong, healthy constitution makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a sporting breed with real character.

User friendly..........
Beagles enjoy eating and are extremely 'good doers', so it's far more a case of being strict and avoiding tit-bits between meals or over feeding than having to worry about trying to find something they will deign to eat. An adult beagle only needs one meal a day, with usually a biscuit in the evening to go to bed with.

Active sportsman..........
Like all dogs, they need daily exercise to keep them fit and happy, but the beagle is a great entertainer and will play endlessly in a well fenced garden. Owners need to adopt a sensible approach to keeping a dog - any animal left locked up day after day without proper exercise will soon become a nuisance and unwanted. Beagles are not a toy breed and really do need to have decent exercise every day. If you have to exercise your beagle in public areas please do not add ammunition to the anti-dog movement, by not clearing up after your dog!

All-round performer..........
The beagle's many attributes make it a perfect companion - they are thinkers and doers and really enjoy joining in with all the action. They are good with children and an ideal size for all the family to manage. Their fun loving attitude ensures that everyone enjoys themselves.

A real hound..........
The Beagle is one of the smaller hounds, an ancient breed in Britain, he has proved a joy to the sportsman for hundreds of years. In the opinion of those who have researched the subject the Beagle has evolved from small hounds used for hunting small game in Southern Europe. Beagles were first mentioned by name in writings published in 1475. Chaucer called them the 'smale houndes' in his Canterbury Tales. Followed on foot and on horseback they have been hunted in packs after hare from time immemorial, and right up to the present. Queen Elizabeth I kept a pack, and so did George IV.

The scenting prowess of the beagle is legendary and today they are helping custom officers in the U.S.A. and Australia 'sniff out' illegal drugs at airports. They are also being used in the U.S.A. to detect arson.

Over one hundred years ago The Beagle Club was formed acting under the auspices of The Kennel Club for sporting purposes and exhibition. Since that time the membership has increased from the 12 founder members to over 600 in all parts of the world today.

Great fun to own..........
The popularity of the beagle has steadily increased with about 2000 registered annually with the Kennel Club.
You can exhibit your beagle in the show ring against other beagles, at almost all of the hundreds of dog shows held all over this country annually.

The Beagle Club extends a warm welcome to the new beagle owner, and offers a wide variety of interesting beagle activities, including Rallies, Matches, Open and Championship shows and the wonderful opportunity to see your beagle drag hunting with the Working Section.

When you join the club you will be kept advised of its functions which will enable you to pursue whichever activity is of interest to you in the company of a host of new friends.