2022 March Open Show

 2022 March Open Show


26th March 2022

The Beagle Club Open Show Results


Dogs – Miss A Binks - Tannahill

Bitches – Mrs Wendy Gordon – Hawkfield

Referee – Mr Stuart Milner (Dialynne)

Best In Show

Fallowfield Vincent         

Reserve Best In Show

Redcap Bella Sorella

Best Puppy In Show

Felinoak El Koko Loko

Best Veteran/Vintage In Show

Redcap Bella Sorella

Best Dog

Fallowfield Vincent    

Reserve Best Dog

Luluwell Major

Best Bitch

Redcap Bella Sorella

Reserve Best Bitch

Forgebanks Roksana



Best In Show Line Up

  BPIS - BIS-  RBIS, & BOS & Best Veteran

Dog Line Up    




Bitch Line Up      





Class 1 Minor Puppy


Entries   2 Absent  0


1st Rundle Decathlon

2nd Molesend Dice



Class 2 Puppy


Entries 4 Absent  1


1st  Dufosee Isaac

2nd Deaconfield Lancer

3rd Davricard Picasso At Rhosyndu


Class 3 Junior


Entries 3  Absent 1


1st Fallowfield Flyn

2nd Bondlea Woodlark

Class 4 Yearling


Entries 1 Absent  0


1st Bondlea Woodlark


Class 5 Novice


Entry 2 Absent  0


1st Deaconfield Lancer

2nd Rundle Decathlon



Class 6 Post Graduate


Entries 5   Absent 0


1st Fallowfield Vincent

2nd Huntshill Up To Trouble

3rd Barrvale Hunter at Awreridge

Res Simeldak Senglea Squire

VHC Rhosyndu Born to Run


Class 7  Limit


Entries 3 Absent 0


1st Luluwell Major

2nd Jalhar The Wonder of You At Haggatty

3rd Eardley Mixing It

Class 8 Open


Entries 8   Absent 1


1st Aznavour Do Casal Da Vinha in Fallowfield

2nd Morsefield Mudlark

3rd Barrvale Ganymede

Res Deaconfield Kingcraft

VHC Gemark Eyas


Class 9 Veteran


Entries 7 Absent 2


 1st Ch Shercroft Apollo JW ShCM

2nd Ch Janfry Randal upon Rundles JW ShCM

2nd Landsend Segenhoe JW ShCM

3rd Barterhound Garrison

Res Triecap Lord Oscar

VHC Black Royal At Rhosyndu

Class 10 Special Beginners


Entries 1 Absent 0


 1st Molesend Dice




Class 11 Minor Puppy


Entries 4  Absent 0


1st Felinoak El Koko Loko

2nd Eardley Caught in the Act

3rd Simeldaka Marfa Ridge

Res Rosanka Mayfair At Triecap



Class 12 Puppy


Entries 7  Absent  3


1st Deaconfield Lyric

2nd Annavah Princess Tiana

3rd Dufosee Lyla at Bondlea

Res Alkira Roolbos Valentine


Class 13 Junior


Entries 3 Absent 1


1st Coachbarn Cresta

2nd Haggarty Artemis


Class 14 Yearling


Entries 1  Absent 0


1st Jalhar New Lease of Life With Haggaty


Class 15 Novice


Entries 7  Absent 2


1st Deaconfield Lyric

2nd Dufosee Lyla at Bondlea

3rd Rosanka Mayfair at Triecap

Res Rightwater Pili Pala

VHC Haggatty Artemis


Class 16 Post Graduate


Entries 6 Absent  2


1st Huntshill Usual Suspect

2nd Coachbarn Crier

3rd Gemark Enya

Res Linkenlees Laurina

VHC Blitzlilie Girl with No Name


Class 17   Limit


Entries 10 Absent  3


1st Forgebanks Roksana

2nd Felinoak My Delilah

3rd Linkenlees Lyric ShCEx. ShCM

Res Deaconfield Lively

VHC Barterhound Princess


Class 19 Open


Entries 13 Absent 5


1st Barrvale Grace

2nd Annavah Lady Gaga

3rd Bellvalley Dun It

Res Triecap Countess Crystal

VHC Linkenless Lyric ShCEx ShCm


Class 19 Veteran


Entries 7 Absent 1


1st Redcap Bella Sorella

2nd Arpege Alkira

3rd Valacre Echo JW

Res Rosrodens Aphrodite

VHC Linkenlees Liberty Sh.CM Vw


Class 20  Special Beginners


Entries 4  Absent 2


1st Arpege Alkira

2nd Rosanka Mayfair At Triecap



Best junior Hanler - Jessica Bootes