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The Beagle Club have access to many exhibitors which regularly breed Beagles, some of which are offered for sale pending suitable potential owners.

Once a litter has been produced The Beagle Club are often notified so we can add this to our list for puppy enquiries.

Whilst we can put you in contact with the Breeder, if you are just starting to consider whether a Beagle is right for you, it is advisable to research our breed into depth.

Most Beagle breeders will not be comfortable selling their puppies to either first time dog owners, or indeed anybody that has not researched the breed and are not prepared.  Whilst Beagles can be a great family friend, they can also end up with owners that are not willing to put in the work, and either end up back with the breeder, or in Beagle Welfare. 

If you are happy with your choice of the Beagle, and have spoke to other Beagle owners, have read about the breed, are familar with their characteristics, then even if this is your first puppy, a breeder will know if you are serious, and will happily assist you with any further questions and more about their line of Beagles.

The Beagle Club will only put you in contact with registered Beagle Breeders, Breeders which are known to The Beagle Club and can be trusted to receive a quality puppy of good health and nature.

Please contact The Beagle Club Secretary

We wish you all the best searching for your addition to your family, we feel the pro's far out way the hard work that the Beagle brings. They are a loving breed.  Not many Beagle owners have just one!