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Mrs Marion M Spavin (Dialynne)


Mr David J Webster (Webline)

Vice Presidents

Miss P Clayton (Barvae), Mrs B B Roderick (Barterhound), Mr P F Roderick (Barterhound),  Mrs E Bothwell (Norcis)  Patricia Sutton (Rossut),
Neill Hannon (Aldemarsh) Mr D Player, Mrs L Player (Lyndex)
Miss S Kimber (Coachbarn)


Mr S C Milner (Dialynne)

Vice Chairman

Mr A S Parker (Chapscroft)

 Hon. Secretary

Mrs Christine Lewis (Fallowfield)

Assistant Secretary

Miss J L Norris (Sirron)

Hon. Treasurer & Press/PR & Media Relations

Mr M S Denny (Janimist)

Tel 01425 655973 or Email

Committee Members

Mrs T M Chapman (Gemark), Mrs N C A Firth (Nictoney), Mr K Hills (Donay),
Mr D McSheehy (Machovas), Miss J Forbes (Kentoast), Mr T Jones (Eardley),   Miss L Potter Davies(Beighleigh)  Steve Jepson (Eardley),
, Miss D May (Janfrey), Mr A McDonald, Mrs N Peterson (Troopersway),             Mrs T Holland (Tagahound)

Magazine Editor Mr T Jones (Eardley) 

Website Manager Nikki Peterson (Troopersway)