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The Beagle Club keep engaged with any updates or news that can effect our breed.  Our responsibility is to pass on as much correct information as possible to our Beaglers.

The Kennel Club back The Beagle Club over Vivisection

The Kennel Club is backing The Beagle Clubs’ stance against the planning application to build new Beagle breeding kennels in Yorkshire for the purposes of vivisection and experimentation. We reproduce their statement here:

The Kennel Club was recently made aware of the planning application made to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, for establishing a Beagle breeding facility and we have written to the Council outlining our concerns.

While we recognise the fact that testing is a requirement of law we remain opposed to the use of dogs in chemical and cosmetic research.   The basis of our apprehension focuses on concern for the treatment of Beagles in experimentation due to the potential for high levels of suffering, pain and/or discomfort. The lack of consideration for the needs and conditions for Beagles also remains one that hugely concerns the Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club opposes the planning application as it allows an establishment to breed Beagles for testing purposes and urges the Council to consider their legal obligation in adhering to the Animal Welfare Act (2006) which protects the wellbeing of animals and asks for a rejection of the planning application.

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