28th March 2015                                                           

The Beagle Club Open Show Results
Judge Mr D Roberts
Best In Show  Soletrader Colin The Shots
Reserve Best In Show  Nedlaw Beryl
Best Puppy  Fallowfield Victor For Serenaker
Best Veteran/Vintage  Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise
Best Junior Handler  Oliver Robertson
Best Dog  Soletrader Colin The Shots
Best Puppy  Fallowfield Victor For Serenaker
Best Bitch  Nedlaw Beryl
Reserve Best Bitch  Serenaker Fashion



 BIS Line Up (Left to right)
 BIS- Robertsons Soletrader Colin The Shots
 Res BIS- Waldens Nedlaw Beryl
 BP- Parker/Stevens Fallowfield Victor For Serenaker
 BV- Parker/Stevens Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise  
 BW- Chapmans Gemark Thyme Lord
Class 1  Minor Puppy  
3 Entries  1 Absent  

 1st Nedlaw Benedict

2nd Janimist The Countryman With Matoutahl

 Class 2  Puppy  
 6 Entries   1 Absent  

 1st Fallowfield Victor For Serenaker

2nd Nedlaw Benedict

3rd Blunderhall Ray Of Hope

Class 3 Junior   
 3 Entries  1 Absent  

 1st Nedlaw Basil

2nd Dialynne Solace At Gemark

 Class 4 Yearling  
 3 Entries  1 Absent  

1st  Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW Sh CM

2nd Dialynne Solace At Gemark

 Class 5 Novice  
 2 Entries  

 1st Nedlaw Basil

2nd Deaconfield Informer

 Class 6  Post Graduate  
 5 Entries  1 Absent  

 1st Bondlea Layman

2nd Boomerloo's Curley Wurley

3rd Barterhound Tudor for Valsacre

 Class 7 Limit  
 10 Entries  3 Absent  

 1st Soletrader Colin The Shots

2nd Janfrey Osborn

3rd Barterhound Garrison

 Class 8 Open  
6 Entries  2 Absent  

1st Deaconfield Governor

2nd Boomerloo's Curley Wurley

3rd Just Jamie Sh.CM

Class 9 Veteran  
4 Entries  1 Absent  

1st Ch & Ger Ch.Serenaker Devil in Disguise. JW

2nd Ch Tatooine Obi Wan At Donay

3rd Inschwood Allegiance

Class 10 Vintage  
1 Entry  
1st Ch.Blue Chip By Mosefield JW
Class 11 Special Beginners  
2 Entries  2 Absent  
Class 12Special Open Working  
4 Entries  

1st Gemark Thyme Lord

2nd Bondlea Layman

3rd Bondlea Legion

Best Dog (left to right) BD - Soletrader Colin The Shots
BPD & Res BD- Fallowfield Victor For Serenaker
BVD - Ch & Ger Ch.Serenaker Devil In Disguise
Class 13  Minor Puppy  
4 Entries  1 Absent  

1st Nedlaw Bracelet

2nd Nictony Polyanna

3rd Janimist Gertrude Jekll

Class 14 Puppy  
10 Entries  2 Absent  

1st Fallowfield Davinia At Serenaker

2nd Nedlaw Bracelet

3rd Janfrey Sapphire

Class  15 Junior  
4 Entries  1 Absent  

1st Nedlaw Beryl

2ndHuntshill Starstruck

3rd Tiger Lilly Blossom

Class 16 Yearling  
5 Entries 2 Absent  

1st Serenaker Fashion

2nd Tiger Lilly Blossom

3rd Davricard Harmony For Trackfoot

 Class 17   Novice  
 6 Entries  1 Absent  

 1st Nedlaw Beryl

2nd Rossut Volley At Nictoney

3rd Bellvalley Dunnit

Class 18  Post Graduate  
7 Entries  3 Absent  

1st Tregoniggie Colour Of Magic At Morsefield JW Sh.CM

2nd Barterhound Treasure At Awreridge

3rd Donay Tianna

Class 19 Limit  
4 Entries  1 Absent  

1st Fallowfield Andora At Blunderhall

2nd Valsacre Echo JW

3rd Barterhound Gem Stone

Class 20  Open  
8 Entries  3 Absent  

1st Rossut Mockery

2nd Valsacre Vista

3rd outahifosee Lucinda With Matoutahi JW

Class 21 Veteran  
3 Entries  1 Absent  

1st Ch Serenaker Divine Devil

2nd Gingersnap Spice At Boomerloo

Class 22  Vintage  
1 Entry  
1st Gemark Melody
Class 23 Special Beginners  
3 Entries  1 Absent  

1st Bellevalley Dunnit

2nd Davricard Harmony For Trackfoot

 Class Special Open Working  
 3 Entries  

 1st Tiger Lilly Blossom

2nd Bellevalley Dunnit

3rd Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM



Best Bitch - (left to right)
BB - Nedlaw Beryl   -   Res BB  -  Serenaker Fashion  
BPB - Fallowfield Davinia At Serenaker 
BVB - Ch Serenaker Divine Devil