Miss D Bank Dogs ,Mrs J Davies Bitches, Mr T Jones BIS, Mrs N Peterson Junior Handling

Best In Show

Serenaker Made In America

Reserve Best In Show

Barrvale Grace

Best Puppy In Show

Davricard Jacob

Best Vintage/Veteran

Molesend Kaftan JW Sh.CM

Best Junior Handler

Miss Jessica Bootes

Best Dog 

Serenaker Hot As Elle

Reserve Best Dog

Barrvale Ganymede

Best Bitch

Serenaker Made In America

Reserve Best Bitch

Barrvale Grace


Best In Show - BVIS, RBIS, BIS, BPIS, BWkg


 Best Dog Line Up - BVD, BD, RBD & BP


Best Bitch Line Up - BB, RBB, BPB and BWB 


Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog
5 Entries 0 Absent


1st Davricard Jacob

2nd Rhiconich Domino

3rd Julemark Luther

4th Quincerhound Oreo Bark

5th Rosroden Invested




Class 2 Puppy Dog
3 Entries 1 Absent


1st Davricard Joshua

2nd Charterwood Storm




Class 3 Junior Dog
5 Entries 1 Absent


1st Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar

2nd Irinstyle Eagle In Flight To Gladsyle (Imp Rus)

3rd Kelseva All Or Nothing

4th Canowindra Invictus




Class 4 Novice Dog
1 Entry 0 Absent


1st Charterwood Sovereign




Class 5 Graduate Dog
4 Entries 0 Absent


1st Barrvale Ganymede

2nd Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne

3rd Deaconfield Kingcraft

4th Madika Hot Spot





Class 6 Post Graduate Dog
11  Entries  4 Absent


1st Luluwells Major At Donay

2nd Newlin Perth At Molesend JW

3rd Troopersway Prince George

4th Dufosee Yardbird At Canowindra

5th Ospreagle Bone Idol




Class 7 Limit Dog
15  Entries  2 Absent


 1st Dialynne Pitch Perfect

2nd Eardley Walk The Talk At Tagahound

3rd Davricard Harlequin

4th Redcap The Patriot

5th Nedlaw Quincey


Class 8 Open Dog
8  Entries 3 Absent


1st Serenaker Hot As ‘Elle

2nd Janfrey Bosley

3rd Ch Nedlaw Benedict with Mapleyane JW TAF

4th Troopersway Gladiator JW Sh.CM

5th Ch Shercroft Apollo JW Sh.CM




Class 9 Veteran Dog
4 Entries 1 Absent


1st Molesend Kaftan JW Sh.CM

2nd Bondlea Layman

3rd Barterhound Garrison



Class 10 Vintage Dog

1 Entry


1st Dialynne Numero Uno Sh.CM




Class 11 Special Beginners Dog
5 Entries 2 Absent


1st Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar

2nd Rosroden Invested

3rd Charterwood Character




Class 12 Special Open Working Dog

2 Entries 0 Absent

1st Bondlea Layman

2nd Madika Hot Spot




Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch
6 Entries 1 Absent


1st Annavah Candy Crush

2nd Bellvalley  Heidi

3rd Tannahill Look Lively

4th Rosrodens Its All About Me

5th Blitzlilie Girl With No Name




Class 14 Puppy Bitch
8 Entries  1 Absent


1st Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle (Imp) It

2nd Michelroy Pizzazz

3rd Rhiconich Helena

4th Coachbarn Crier

5th Michelroy Pimpernell With Houndscroft




 Class 15 Junior Bitch
 15 Entries  4 Absent


1st Fallowfield Royal Rosie

2nd Dufosee Dragonfly of Parkebreeway

3rd Kelseva Legally Blonde

4th Annavah Lady Gaga

5th Molesend Tranquil




Class 16 Novice Bitch

5 Entries 1 Absent


1st   Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle (Imp) It

2nd Coachbarn Crier

3rd  Blitzlilie Girl With No Name

4th Marada Lo Lola at Tagahound



 Class 17 Graduate Bitch
 9 Entries  2 Absent


1st Barrvale Grace

2nd Julemark Ariadne

3rd Deconfield Keepsake

4th Butterow Rumba

5th Gladstyle Moments of Glory




 Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch
 15 Entries 0  Absent


 1st Dufosee Shining Star

2nd Rossut Trendy At Michelroy

3rd Bondlea Lucy

4th Bellvalley Rufian

5th Ospreagle Jamaica Me Crazy




 Class 19  Limit Bitch
 18 Entries  2 Absent


1st Serenaker Made In America

2nd Annavah Petal

3rd Rosroden Cherry Kisses

4th Nedlaw Queen Of Hearts

5th Rhiconich Primrose




Class 20  Open Bitch
8 Entries 2 Absent


1st Dialynne Anna Complice

2nd Serenaker Elle’s Belles

3rd Ch Raimex Brittany JW

4th Charterwood Fantasy Island

5thQuincerhound American Girl




 Class 21 Veteran Bitch
 10 Entries 1 Absent


1st Rosank Charisse

2nd Valsacre Vista JW

3rd Clairedale Willowmena Sh.CM

4th Barrvale Ursa Minor At Huntshill Sh.CM

5th Butterow Oriole



Class 22 Vintage Bitch
10 Entries 1 Absent


1st Barterhound Razzle

2nd Raimex Rowanberry JW

3rd Rundle Kokanee

4th Ch Julemark Hussy

5th Barterhound Rosebud At Madika JW ShCM AW (S)



 Class 23 Special Beginners Bitch
 10 Entries 2 Absent


1st Michelroy Pizzazz

2nd Fallowfield Charmer At Jalhar NAF TAF

3rd Rosrodens Its All About Me

4th Rosrodens Aphrodite

5th Raimex Rio




Class 24 Special Open Working Bitch
5  Entries 0 Absent


1st Madika Spot On JW Sh.CM AWS (S)

2nd Tiger Lilly Blossom

3rd Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM

4th Bellvalley Dunnit

5th Eardley Sam Which




Junior Handling


Class 27   6 - 11 Years


1st Abigail Martin

2nd  Zach Spencer


Class 28    12 - 16 Years


1st Jessica Bootes

2nd Jack Martin


Best Junior Handler – Jessica Bootes