2018 Open Show (Mar)

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24th March 2018 The Beagle Club Open Show Results
Judge  Mr Lee Cox (Vanitonia)
Best In Show Davricard Honeybee
Reserve Best In Show Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne JW
Best Puppy In Show Serenaker Maid In America
Best Veteran/Vintage In Show Shercroft Duchess JW Sh.CM
Best Junior Handler Jessica Bootes
Best Dog Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne JW
Reserve Best Dog  Serenaker Hot As 'Elle
Best Bitch  Davricard Honeybee
Reserve Best Bitch  Serenaker Elle's Belles



Best In Show Line Up

 BIS - RBIS - B{IS - BVIS - Best Working



Class 1  Minor Puppy


Entries 2  Absent 0


1st Deaconfield Kingcraft

2nd Shercroft Hector


Class 2  Puppy  
Entries 7 Absent  2  

1st Davricard Harlequin

2nd Royal Pack Ukraine Leader Forever at Gladstyle

3rd Luluwells Major At Donay

4th Troopersway Prince George

5th Viracocha Hot Diggity Dawg

 Class 3 Junior  
 Entries 3 Absent 2  

 1st Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne

Class 4 Yearling  
Entries 5 Absent 2  

1st Bellvalley Teen Spirit

2nd Huntshill Tornado JW

3rd Dufosee Yardbird at Canowindra


Class 5 Novice  
Entry 6 Absent 2  

1st Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne

2nd Shercroft Hector

3rd Luluwells Major At Donay

4th Troopersway Prince George

Class 6 Post Graduate  
Entries 5 Absent  1  

1st Janfrey Bosley

2nd Nedlaw Quincy

3rd Boomerloo Merlins Magic

4th Awreridge Waterbuck

Class 7  Limit  
Entries 6 Absent  1  

1st Serenaker Hot As 'Elle

2nd Troopersway Gladiator JW

3rd Boomerloo's Curly Wurly

4th Bondlea Layman

5th Dialynne Solace At Gemark

Class 8 Open  
Entries 4   Absent 1  

1st Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne JW

2nd Donay Fraser

3rd Triecap Lord Oscar

Class 9 Veteran  
Entries 3   Absent 0  

1st Barterhound Garrison

2nd Triecap Prince Zaphar

3rd Gemark Thyme Gentleman

Class 10 Vintage  
Entries 0   
Class 11 Special Beginners  
Entries 1 Absent 1  
Class 12 Special Open Working  
Entries  3 Absent 1  

1st Bondlea Layman

2nd Gemark Thyme Gentleman

Class 13 Minor Puppy  
Entries 5   Absent  0  

1st Serenaker maid In America

2nd Triecap Countess Crystal

3rd Bondlea Luch

4th Deaconfield Keepsake

5th Marada Lolola At Tagahound

Class 14 Puppy  
Entries 8   Absent  2  

1st Janfrey Dotty

2nd Bellvalley Delmelza

3rd Gladstyle Moments of Glory

4th Bondlea Lucy

5th Deaconfield Jasmine

Class 15 Junior  
Entries 5 Absent 2  

1st Huntshill Teasel

2nd Canowindra Golden Lilac

3rd Eardley Sam Which


Class 16 Yearling  
Entries 7 Absent 4  

1st Davricard Honeybee

2nd Huntshill Teasel

3rd Rundle Going For Gold

Class 17 Novice  
Entries 8   Absent 3  

1st Triecap Countess Crystal

2nd Canowindra Fair Eva

3rd Bondlea Lucy

4th Donay Faith

5th Deaconfield Jasmine


Class 18 Post Graduate  
Entries 10 Absent 2  

1st Nedlaw Queen of Hearts

2nd Shercroft Arina

3rd Dufosee Yoanne

4th Raimex Reed Bunting

5th Awreridge Watercolour JW

Class 19   Limit  
Entries 10   Absent 2  

1st Serenaker Elle's Belles

2nd Dialynne Miss Brody Of Wenannou

3rd Boomerloo Angel Eyes

4th Rdecap Bella Sorrella JW Sh.CM

5th Huntshill Starstruck

Class 20 Open  
Entries 7  Absent 2  

1st Ir Ch Serenaker Daydream

2nd Dufosee Northern Star

3rd Bondlea Dove

4th Barrvale Ursa Minor At Huntshill Sh.CM

5th Triecap Queen Ruby

Class 21 Veteran  
Entries   12 Absent 3  

1st Shercroft Duchess JW Sh.CM

2nd Raimex Rowanberry JW

3rd Barterhound Razzle

4th Eardley Miss Conduct At Boomerloo

5th Valsacre Echo JW

Class 22  Vintage  
Entries  1  Absent 0  

1st Cliffmere Iris JW

Class 23  Special Beginners  
Entries  4 Absent   1  

1st Triecap Countess Crystal

2nd Morada Lolola At Tagahound

3rd Blitzillie Winter is Coming


Class 24 Special Working  
Entries  5  Absent 1  

1st Tiger Lilly Blossom

2nd Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM

3rd Blitzillie Winter Is Coming

4th Eardley Sam Which



                                                                                    Dog Line Up                                                                                     


 Bitch Line Up


 Junior Handling


 1st Jessica Bootes - 2nd Kyra Harrison