2018 Championship Show


Mr Alistair Parker Dogs, Miss Jo Norris Bitches, Mr Mike Denny Referee Mrs Clare Tanner Junior Handling

Best In Show Molesend Secret
Reserve Best In Show Ch Rossut Endeavoured
Best Puppy In Show Davricard Harlequin
Best Vintage/Veteran Ch Barrvale Overture
Best Junior Handler Kyra Harrison
Best Dog Ch Rossut Endeavoured
Reserve Best Dog Davricard Harlequin
Best Bitch Molesend Secret
Reserve Best Bitch Ch Annavah Knick Knack

Best In Show - BVIS, RBIS, BIS, BPIS, BWkg


 Best Dog Line Up - BVD, BD, RBD & BP

Best Bitch Line Up - BB, RBB, BPB and BWB 


Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog
8 Entries 1 Absent

1st Deaconfield Kingcraft

2nd Barrvale Ganymede

3rd Jalhar Gives You The Edge

4th Charterwood Category

5th Julemark Artful

 Class 2 Puppy Dog
 10 Entries 2 Absent

1st Davricard Harlequin

2nd Newlin Perth At Molesend

3rd Evalux Beatle George Of Rossut (Imp) It

4th Charterwood Harvest

5th Troopersway Prince George

Class 3 Junior Dog
5 Entries 

1st Dialynne Pitch Perfect

2nd Luluwells Major at Donay

3rd Blunderhall Sunray

4th Divinebrae Coming Soon at Dapperdawg

5th Nictory Zither

Class 4 Novice Dog
10 Entries 2 Absent

1st Barrvale Ganymede

2nd Newlin Preston To Clairdale

3rd Jalhar Gives You The Edge

4th Troopesway Prince George

5th Glenbrows Adventurer

Class 5 Graduate Dog
9 Entries 2 Absent

1st Huntshill Tornado JW

2nd Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne

3rd Wenannou Scirocco

4th Lulu Major at Donay

5th Newlin Preston To Clairdale

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog
6 Entries  1 Absent

1st Janfrey Bosley

2nd Nedlaw Quincy

3rd Emorlen Foxtrot

4th Eardley Walk the Talk at Tagahound

5th Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud

 Class 7 Limit Dog
 7  Entries  1 Absent

 1st Serenaker Hot As 'Elle

2nd Bellvalley Teen Spirit

3rd Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShCM

4th Donay Fraser

5th Troopersway Gladiator JW ShCM

Class 8 Open Dog
8  Entries 1 Absent

1st Ch Rossut Endeavoured

2nd Ch Annavah Felix

3rd Rosanka Nolte JW

4th Nedlaw Benedict with Mapleyane JW TAF

5th Ch Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW ShCM

Class 9 Veteran Dog
4 Entries 1 Absent

1st Ch Barvale Overture

2nd Barterhound Garrison

3rd Kelseva Greatest Day

Class 10 Vintage Dog
3 Entries

1st Barrvale Excalibur

2nd Lanesend Nedlaw Admiral JW

3rd Serenaker I Want It All

Class 11 Special Beginners Dog
4 Entries 1 Absent

1st Divinebrae Coming Soon At Dapperdawg

2nd Mckleesum Buddy

3rd Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud


Class 12 Special Open Working Dog

 0 Entries

Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch
11 Entries 2 Absent

1st Serenaker Made In America

2nd Bellvalley Ruffian

3rd Barrvale Grace

4th Julemark Ariadne

5th Annavah Anna Ranoso

Class 14 Puppy Bitch
5 Entries  1 Absent

1st Rossut Primula

2nd Charterwood Golden Gem

3rd Marada Lo Lola at Tagahound

4th Troopersway Princess Peggy

 Class 15 Junior Bitch
 7 Entries  2 Absent

1st Chequers Countess Mary Mit Juemark (Imp)

2nd Janfrey Dotty

3rd Dialynne Anna Complice

4th Canowindra Fair Eva

5th Nictoney Upsydaisy

Class 16 Novice Bitch
8 Entries 3 Absent

1st  Barrvale Grace

2nd Charterwood Honeyqueen

3rd Nictoney Upbeat

4th Marada Lo Lola at Tagahound

5th Troopersway Princess Peggy

 Class 17 Graduate Bitch
 14 Entries  5 Absent

1st Redcap Amelia Earhart

2nd Gempeni Ballet JW Sh CM

3rd Huntshill Teasel

4th Coachbarn Celeste

5th Canowindra Golden Lilac


 Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch
 21 Entries 5  Absent

 1st Nelaw Queen of Hearts

2nd Madika Spot On JW Sh CM AW(B)

3rd Dufosee Yoanne

4th Awreridge Watercolour JW

5th Raimex Reed Bunting

 Class 19  Limit Bitch
 16 Entries  5 Absent

 1st Molesend Secret

2nd Serenaker Elle's Belles

3rd Davricard Musetta

4th Felinoak Bailey's 'N' Ice JW

5th Wyvisview Harlequin

Class 20  Open Bitch
15 Entries 3 Absent

 1st Ch Annavah Knick Knack

2nd Ch Serenaker Fashion

3rd Ch Davricard Honeybee

4th Dufosee Northern Star

5th Ch Dialynne Just Ella

 Class 21 Veteran Bitch
 6 Entries 

1st Ch Annavah Ginny

2nd Brialey Tu Tira for Lanesend (Imp)

3rd Raimex Rowanberry JW

4th Barterhound Razzle

5th Dialynne Gracie Fields At Quincerhound

Class 22 Vintage Bitch
8 Entries 1 Absent

1st Ir Ch Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM

2nd Ch Julemark Hussy

3rd Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW ShCM AW(S)

4th Dalida From Muskoka Dreams of Dialynne

5th Redcap Crazy Lady at Kelseva

 Class 23 Special Beginners Bitch
 4 Entries 2 Absent

1st Earldey Sam Which

2nd Raime Rio

Class 24 Special Open Working Bitch
 3 Entries 1 Absent

1st Detrick Once In A Blue Moon

2nd Coachbarn Coda

3rd Eardley Sam Which

Junior Handling  
Class 27   6 - 11 Years

 1st Zach Spencer Sutton

Class 28    12 - 16 Years  

 1st Kyra Harrison