2017 Open Show (Nov)


18h November 2017 The Beagle Club Open Show Results
Judge  Mr B Brown-Cole (Travella)
Best In Show  Dialynne Pitch Perfect
Reserve Best In Show  Dialynne Ann Complice
Best Puppy In Show  Dialynne Pitch Perfect
Best Veteran/Vintage In Show   Eardley Merry Magdalene
Best Junior Handler  Kyra Harrison
Best Dog  Dialynne Pitch Perfect
Reserve Best Dog  Troopersway Gladiator JW
Best Bitch  Dialynne Anna Complice
Reserve Best Bitch  Ir Ch Serenaker Daydream



Best In Show Line Up

 BIS - RBIS - BVIS - Best Working

Dog Line Up
BD - RBD - Best Veteran Dog
Bitch Line Up
BB (an BPB) - RBB - BVB - B Wkg
Best Junior Handler - Kyra Harrison - Judge Tonya Holland (Tagahound)



Class 1  Minor Puppy


Entries   5  Absent 0 


1st Dialynne Pitch Perfect

2nd Virachocha Ho Diggity Dawg

3rd Nictoney Zither

4th Brimbleway Bryonys Boy

5th Trackfoot Red Dragon


Class 2  Puppy  
Entries 1 Absent 0  

 1st Nictoney Zither

 Class 3 Junior  
 Entries  2 Absent 0  

1st Bellvalley Teen Spirit

2nd Rundle Pursuit



Class 4 Yearling  
Entries 1 Absent 0  

 1st Serenaker Hot As Ell

Class 5 Novice  
 Entry 4 Absent `  

1st Viracocha Hot Diggity Dawg

2nd Nictoney Zither

3rd Troopersway Stewpid Cupid

Class 6 Post Graduate  
Entries 2   Absent 0    

1st Troopersway Gladiator JW

2nd Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud

Class 7  Limit  
 Entries 4  Absent 0  

1st Donay Fraser

2nd Charterwood Fortune

3rd  name to follow"

4th Eardley Walk The Talk at Taghound

Class 8 Open  
Entries 2   Absent 0  

1st Donay Freeman at Troopersway

2nd Rus Ch Vadzhilayne Egoist At Jalhar (Imp) Jun Ch

Class 9 Veteran  
Entries 1  Absent 0  

 1st Barterhound Garrison


Class 10 Vintage  
Entries 1   Absent 1  
Class 11 Special Beginners  
Entries 2 Absent  1  

 1st Eardley Walk the Talk at Taghound

Class 12 Special Open Working  
Entries 1  Absent 0  

 1st Gemark Thyme Lord

Class 13 Minor Puppy  
Entries 4   Absent 1  

1st Viracocha Zip A Dee Doo Dah

2nd Nictoney Upbeat

Class 14 Puppy  
Entries 6  Absent  2  

1st Dialynne Anna Complice

2nd Nictoney Upsydaisy

3rd Gladstyle Dot Com

4th Crep Suzette at Yungwood

Class 15 Junior  
Entries 8 Absent  4  

1st Serenaker Elle's Belles

2nd Davricard Belladonna For Rosamax

3rd Name to be confirmed

4th Dufosee Yoanne

5th Merrilyn Sweetest Devotion

Class 16 Yearling  
Entries 3  Absent 0  

1st Serenaker Elle's Belles

2nd Coachbarn Celeste

3rd Charterwood Spangle

Class 17 Novice  
Entries 8  Absent 2   

1st Gladstyle Moments of Glory

2nd Virachocha Zip A Dee Doo Dah

3rd Nictoney Upbeat

4th Charterwood Shantelle

5th Serenaker 'Elles Angel

Class 18 Post Graduate  
Entries 5   Absent 2  

1st Gladstyle Game On

2nd Gemark Siren

3rd Barterhound Gossip

 Class 19   Limit  
Entries 4  Absent  1  

1st Charterwood Fantasy Island

2nd Jalhar Tabitha

3rd Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

Class 20 Open  
Entries 4  Absent 1  

1st Ir Ch Serenaker Daydream

2nd Dialynne Just Ella

3rd Rossut Trendy at Michelroy

Class 21 Veteran  
Entries 6 Absent 0  

1st Eardley Merry Magdalene

2nd Ch Serenaker Memphis Belle

3rd Barrvale Krafty of Coachbarn

4th Barterhound Razzle

5th Moonjoon Sweet Nothings Sh.CM

Class 22  Vintage  
Entries 0  Absent 0  
Class 23  Special Beginners  
Entries 4  Absent 2  

1st Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

2nd Davricard Belladonna For Rosamax

Class 24 Special Working  
Entries 1 Absent  0  

1st Gemark Temptress



                                    Dog Line Up                                                                                      Bitch Line Up



  Best Junior Handler - Miss Kyra Harrison