2017 Open Show(March)

25th March 2017 The Beagle Club Open Show Results
Judge  Mr E Murray (Heathergrove)
Best In Show  Felinoaks Bailey's N Ice
Reserve Best In Show  Rossutt Endevoured
Best Puppy In Show  Felinoaks Bailey's N Ice
Best Veteran/Vintage In Show  Rossut Razzle
Best Junior Handler  Jessica Bootes
Best Dog  Rossutt Endevoured
Reserve Best Dog  Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne JW
Best Bitch  Felinoaks Bailey's N Ice
Reserve Best Bitch  Tregoniggie Colour of Magic at Morsefield JW Sh.CM



Best In Show Line Up

 BIS - RBIS - BVIS - Best Working



Class 1  Minor Puppy


Entries  5 Absent 1


1st  Rundle Pursuit

2nd Redcap Drumstick

3rd Linkenlees Lucas

Class 2  Puppy  
Entries 6 Absent 0  

1st Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft

2nd Quincerghoud Achy Braky Art

3rd Linkenlees Lucas

 Class 3 Junior  
 Entries 3  Absent 1  

1st Nedlaw Quincy

2nd Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft

Class 4 Yearling  
Entries 8  Absent 0  

1st Redcao The Patriot

2nd Nedlaw Quincy

3rd Awreridge Waterbuck

Class 5 Novice  
Entry 4 Absent 2  

1st Redcap Drumstick

2nd Troopersway Gladiator

Class 6 Post Graduate  
Entries 4 Absent 2  

1st Donay Fraser

2nd Eardley Walk The Talk at Tagahound

Class 7  Limit  
Entries 7 Absent  1  

1st Nedlaw Benedict at Maplelyne JW

2nd Donay Freeman at Troopersway

3rd Bondlea Layman

Class 8 Open  
Entries 9   Absent 3  

1st Rossut Endeavoured

2nd Nedlaw Basil

3rd Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh.CM

Class 9 Veteran  
Entries 6 Absent 1  

1st Gemark Thyme Lord

2nd  Ch Shercroft Flindes JW

3rd Fallowfield Sporty At Felinoak Sh.CM

Class 10 Vintage  
Entries 0   
Class 11 Special Beginners  
Entries 2 Absent  0  

1st Eardley Walk The Talk at Tagahound

2nd Rosrodens Debonair

Class 12 Special Open Working  
Entries 3 Absent 0  

1st Gemark Thyme Lord

2nd Bondlea Layman

3rd Gemark Thyme Gentleman

Class 13 Minor Puppy  
Entries  8 Absent 3  

1st Rundle Going For Gold

2nd Likenlees Lyric

3rd Rossut Joyous

Class 14 Puppy  
Entries 6  Absent 1  

1st Felinoak Bailey's N'Ice

2nd Coachbarn Celeste

3rd Quincerhound American Girl

Class 15 Junior  
Entries 7  Absent 2  

1st  Charterwood Fantasy Island

2nd Nedlaw Queen Of Hearts

3rd Dialynne Miss Brody of Wenannou


Class 16 Yearling  
Entries 8 Absent 1  

1st Nedlaw Queen Of Hearts

2nd Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

3rd Awreridge Watercolour JW

Class 17 Novice  
Entries 5    Absent  1  

1st  Coachbarn Celeste

2nd Coachbarn Carnage At Machavos

3rd Quincerhound Anna Cancan


Class 18 Post Graduate  
Entries 14  Absent 3  

1st Maytrice Sati Naela For Kelseva

2nd Barterhound Gossip

3rd Lanesend Chicha For Alandobel

Class 19   Limit  
Entries  13 Absent 3  

1st Tregoniggie Colour Of Magic at Morsefield JW Sh.CM

2nd Redcap Right On

3rd Bondlea Dove

Class 20 Open  
Entries  10 Absent 8  

1st Simeldaka Marsaxlokk Wren Sh.CM

2nd Barrvale Ursa Minor At Huntshill Sh.CM

Class 21 Veteran  
Entries 14  Absent 1  

1st Barterhound Razzle

2nd Moonjoon Sweet Nothings Sh.CM

3rd Valsacre Vista JW

Class 22  Vintage  
Entries 5  Absent 0  

1st Simeldaka Madliena Girl Sh.CM

2nd Machavos Hoyden

3rd Redcap Crazy Lady At Kelseva


Class 23  Special Beginners  
Entries 5 Absent  0  

1st Moonjoon Lily Of The Valleys For Houndscoast

2nd Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

3rd Quincerhound American Girl


Class 24 Special Working  
Entries 6 Absent 0  

1st Coachbarn Coda

2nd Tiger Lily Blossom

3rd Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM



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  Best Junior Handler