2016 Open Show(Nov)


19th November 2016 The Beagle Club Open Show Results
Judge  Mr Mark Ord (Marnadee)
Best In Show  Dialynne Peter Piper
Reserve Best In Show  Dialynne Just Ella
Best Puppy In Show  Dialynne Just Ella
Best Veteran/Vintage In Show  Brialey Tu Tira For Lanesend (Imp)
Best Junior Handler  Kyra Harrison
Best Dog  Dialynne Peter Piper
Reserve Best Dog  Nedlaw Basil
Best Bitch  Dialynee Just Ella
Reserve Best Bitch  Davricard Scilla



Best In Show Line Up

 BIS - RBIS - BVIS - Best Working



Class 1  Minor Puppy


Entries 2 Absent 1



1st Nedlaw Quincey

Class 2  Puppy  
Entries 1 Absent 0  


1st Nedlaw Quincey

 Class 3 Junior  
 Entries 1 Absent 0  


1st Awreridge Waterbuck


Picture not available 
Class 4 Yearling  
Entries 6 Absent 2  

1st Troopersway Gladiator

2nd Redcap The Patriot

3rd Maruby's Dashing Darcey (Imp)

Class 5 Novice  
1 Entry 0 Absent  
 1st Troopersway Stewpid Cupid  
Class 6 Post Graduate  
Entries 2  Absent 0  

1st Kelseva Greatest Day

2nd Eardly Walk The Talk at Tagahound

Picture Not Available 
Class 7  Limit  
5 Entries 0 Absent  

1st Dialynne Peter Piper

2nd Donay Freeman at Troopersway

3rd Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne JW

Class 8 Open  
Entries  6  Absent 0  

1st Nedlaw Basil

2nd Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh CM

3rd Barrvale Zorro

Class 9 Veteran  
Entries 2 Absent 1  
 1st Gemark Thyme Lord  
Class 10 Vintage  
Entries 1 Absent 1  
Class 11 Special Beginners  
Entries 1 Absent  0  

1st Eardly Walk The Talk at Tagahound

Class 12 Special Open Working  
Entries2 Absent 0  

1st Gemark Thyme Lord

2nd Bondlea Layman

Class 13 Minor Puppy  
Entries 6 Absent 3  

1st Davricard Scilla

nd Quincerhound Britney of Dialynne

3rd Rundle Rostova

Class 14 Puppy  
Entries 6  Absent 5  

 1st Davricard Hester

Class 15 Junior  
Entries  4 Absent 3  

1st  Dialynne Just Ella

2nd Blitzlilie Winter is Coming

Awreridge Watercolour

Class 16 Yearling  
Entries 5 Absent 0  

1st Gemark Siren

2nd Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

3rd Maytice Sati Naela For Kelseva

Class 17 Novice  
Entries 5   Absent  3  

1st  Coachbarn Carnage at Machavos

2nd Timamson Saskia for Michelroy


Class 18 Post Graduate  
Entries  3  Absent 0  

1st Dialynne Pickkled Pepper

2nd Deaconfield Innocence

3rd Barterhouse Gossip

 Class 19   Limit  
Entries 4   Absent 0   

1st Barterhound Treasure at Awreridge

2nd Davricard Hollyhock for Barrvale

3rd Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM

Class 20 Open  
Entries 3 Absent 0  

1st Valsacre Vista JW

2nd Barrvale Ursa Minor at Huntshill Sh.CM

3rd Awreridge Racquet RL2

Class 21 Veteran  
Entries 7 Absent 1  

1st Brialey Tu Tira for Lanesend

2nd Gemark Temptress

3rd Valsacre Echo JW

Class 22  Vintage  
Entries 2 Absent 0  

1st Machavos Hoyden

2nd Redcap Crazy Lady at Kelseva


Class 23  Special Beginners  
Entries 4 Absent 1  

1st Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

2nd Blitzlilie Winter is Coming

3rd Maytrice Sati Naela For Kelseva


Class 24 Special Working  
Entries 3 Absent 0  

1st Gemark Temptress

2nd Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM

3rd Coachbarn Carnage at Machavos



                                    Dog Line Up                                                                                      Bitch Line Up



  Best Junior Handler - Miss Kyra Harrison