2015 Open Show (Nov)


November 2015 The Beagle Club Open Show Results
Judge  Mrs  D Close
Best In Show  Ch Serenaker Fashion
Reserve Best In Show  Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne
Best Puppy In Show  Annavah Knick Knack
Best Veteran/Vintage In Show  Ch Ir & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise JW
Best Junior Handler  Jessica Bootes
Best Dog Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne
Reserve Best Dog  Annavah Felix
Best Bitch Ch Serenaker Fashion
Reserve Best Bitch Huntshill Star Gazer From Barrvale

Best In Show Line Up


Left to Right - BIS Ch Serenaker Fashion - RBIS - Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne - BPIS - Annavah Knick Knack
BVIS - Ch Ir & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise - BWIS - Gemark Temptress

 Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog  
 4 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Serenaker Sign Of The Times

 2nd Eardley Walk The Talk

 3rd Eardley Walk The Line

 Class 2 Puppy Dog  
 1 Entries   

 1st Eardley Walk The Line


 Class 3 Junior Dog  
 4 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Annavah Felix

 2nd Eardley Mr Farley

 3rd Summerlily Ridgy Didge

 Class 4 Yearling Dog  
 6 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne

 2nd Barrvale Zorro

 3rd Deaconfield Informer

 Class 5 Novice Dog  
  1 Entry  

 1st Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne


 Class 6 Post Graduate Dog  
 4 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Donay Freeman At Troopersway

 2nd Beighleigh Idol

 3rd Boomerloo's Curly Wurly

Class 7 Limit Dog  
4 Entries  

 1st Nedlaw Basil

2nd Bondlea Layman

3rd Troopersway Boy Wonder

 Class 8 Open Dog  
 6 Entries 2 Absent  

 1st Deaconfield Governor

 2nd Donay Special Delivery

 3rd Lyndex Gone Postal (ai)

 Class 9 Veteran Dog  
 4 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Ch Ir & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise JW

 2nd Ch Tatooine Obi Wan At Donay JW

 3rd Gemark Thyme Gentleman

 Class 10 Vintage Dog  
  1 Entry  


  1st Ch Bedeway Artful JW


 Class 11 Special Beginners Dog  
 4 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Boomerloo's Curly Wurly

 2nd Eardley Mr Farley

 3rd Eardley Walk The Line

 Class 12 Special Open Working Dog  
 3 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Bondlea Layman

 2nd Gemark Thyme Gentleman

 Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch  
 7 Entries  

 1st Annavah Knick Knack

 2nd Roddwood Rhea

 3rd Jessyd Pocahontas With Julemark

 Class 14  Puppy Bitch  
 4 Entries  

 1st Davricard Hollyhock For Barrvale

 2nd Annavah Imagine

 3rd Barterhound Gossip

 Class 15  Junior Bitch  
 8 Entries 3 Absent  

 1st Rosroden Cherry Kisses

 2nd Deaconfield Innocence

 3rd Lyndex Infinity

 Class 16  Yearling Bitch  
 5 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Janfrey Sapphire

 2nd Stormpasture Jasmine Of Rosroden

 3rd Butterow Plover

 Class 17 Novice Bitch  
 5 Entries   

 1st Annavah Honeydew

 2nd Rosroden Rhea

 3rd Barterhound Gossip

 Class 18  Post Graduate Bitch  
 8 Entries   

 1st Huntshill Star Gazer From Barrvale

  2nd  Nedlaw Beryl

  3rd Fallowfield Davinia At Serenaker

 Class 19  Limit Bitch  
 7 Entries   

 1st Raimex Brittany JW

  2nd Moonjoon Sweet Nothings Sh.CM

  3rd Butterow Oriole

 Class 20 Open Bitch  
 7 Entries  2 Absent

 1st Ch Serenaker Fashion

 2nd Roddwood Melody Sh.CM

 3rd Nedlaw Flaxon With Maplelayne

 Class 21  Veteran Bitch  
 9 Entries 1 Absent  

 1st Ch Rossgay Rouska At Roddwood JW Sh.CM

 2nd Barterhound Razzle

 3rd Gemark Temptress

 Class 22  Vintage Bitch  
 2 Entries  1 Absent  

 1st Bedeway Almond


 Class 23  Special Beginners Bitch  
 5 Entries   

 1st Rosroden Cherry Kisses

 2nd Coachbarn Carnage At Machavos

 3rd Moonjoon Lily Of The Valleys For Houndscoast

 Class 24  Special Open Working Bitch  
 4 Entries    

 1st Gemark Temptress

 2nd Coachbarn Coda

 3rd Tiger Lily Blossom