2014 Championship Show


June 2014 The Beagle Club Championship Show Results
Judge  Mr K Burgess Dogs Mr J Woodcock Bitches
Best In Show  Ch Davricard Martina
Reserve Best In Show  Newlin Kestrel
Best Puppy In Show  Serenaker Fashion
Best Veteran/Vintage In Show  Ch Dialynne Maximus
Best Junior Handler  Miss C Norridge
Best Dog  Newlin Kestrel
Reserve Best Dog  Bellvalley Coco
Best Bitch  Ch Davricard Martina
Reserve Best Bitch  Bayard Make Believe

Best In Show Line Up




Best Dog Line Up




Best Bitch Line Up



Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog
9 Entries

1st Lowyck Vanguard

2nd Timamso Ambassador

3rd Bellvalley Dewi

Class 2 Puppy Dog
12 Entries Absent

1st Davricard Harrison

2nd Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle

3rd Beighleigh Idol


 Class 3 Junior Dog
4 Entries Absent 1


 1st Soletrader Colin The Shots

2nd Charterwood Earnest

3rd Nictony Scribe

Class 4 Novice Dog
6 Entries Absent 1

 1st Nictony Scribe

2nd Timamso Ambassador

3rd Donay Freemen at Troopersway

Class 5 Graduate Dog
4 Entries 

 1st Rossut Scribbler

2nd Ospreagle Hot Diggity \\\\\\\\dawg

3rd Dialynne Forever Watson At Lemoncroft


 Class 6 Post Graduate Dog
10 Entries Absent 1

 1st Newlin Kestrel JW Sh,CM

2nd Canowindra Ursus

3rd Dialynne Forever Holmes At Lemoncroft

 Class 7 Limit Dog
14 Entries Absent 1

 1st Bellvalley Coco

2nd Led Zeppelin vd Hoefstal

3rd Fallowfield Sporty At Felinoak

 Class 8 Open Dog
10 Entries

1st Ch.Nedlaw Rupert With Maplelayne JW

2nd Bayard Hazel's Beany

3rd Shercroft Flinders JW Sh.CM

Class 9 Veteran Dog
7 Entries

 1st Ch.Dialynne Maximus

2nd Ch.Blue Chip By Morsefield JW Sh.CM

3rd Ch.Bayard Grafter


Class 10 Vintage Dog
2 Entries

1st Morsefield Jus' the Ticket Sc.CM

2nd Bondlea Bradman JW Sc.CM

Class 11 Special Beginners Dog
7 Entries

1st Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle

2nd Dialynne Forever Holmes At Lemoncroft

3rd Ospreagle Hot Diggity Dawg JW

Class 12 Special Open Working Dog
6 Entries

1st Gemark Thyme Lord

2nd Bondlea Legion

3rd Bondlea Layman

Class 13 Junior Handling (6-11 YEARS)
2 Entries Absent 1
1st Isabella Pitt
Class 14 Junior Handling (12-16 YEARS)
2 Entries Absent 1
1st Charlotte Norridge
 Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch
8 Entries Absent 1

 1st Serenaker Fashion

2nd Charterwood Camilla

3rd Jessyd Shooting Star



 Class 16 Puppy Bitch
19 Entries Absent 3

1st Lanesend Sorrell

2nd Coachbarn Coda

3rd Donay Tianna

 Class 17 Junior Bitch
15 Entries Absent 3

 1st Rossut Memory At Pakowhai

2nd Rossut Mockery

3rd Uproar The Vineyardguard At Lyndex (Imp)


 Class 18 Novice Bitch
16 Entries Absent 2

1st Rossut Memory At Pakowhai

2nd Serenaker Fashion

3rd Lanesend Sorrell

Class 19 Graduate Bitch
14 Entries Absent 1

1st Annavah Alpine

2nd Davricard Moonlight

3rd Dufosee Louisa With Vigor

Class 20 Post Graduate Bitch
17 Entries Absent 1

1st Lowyck Tamara

2nd Bellvalley Trouble

3rd Rowsprings High Class Lady

 Class 21 Limit Bitch
23 Entries Absent 2

 1st Bayard Make Believe

2nd Dufosee Lucinda With Matoutahi

3rd CSummerlily Secret Service


Class 22 Open Bitch
16 Entries Absent 4


1st Ch Davricard Martina

2nd Janfrey Fame

3rd Ch.Dialynne Electra

Class 23 Veteran itch
8 Entries Absent 1

1st Ch.Julemark Hussy

2nd Sabinhay Philigree At Barughgreen

3rd Simeldaka Madliena Girl Sh.CM

Class 24 Vintage Bitch
5 Entries

1st OrchidvaleAngelica Of Breskar Sh.CM

2nd Valsacre Concerto At Shercroft JW Sh CM

3rd Ch.Barterhound Whisper JW

 Class 25 Special Beginners Bitch
8 Entries Absent 4

 1st Shercroft Lapwing At Dertrick

2nd Moonjoon Lily Of The Valleys For Houndscoast

3rd Harropine Showtime At Alfradais


Class 26 Special Open Working bitch
8 Entries

1st Barrvale Krafty Of Coachbarn

2nd Inschwood Chaffinch For Kentoast

3rd Redcap Bella Sorella JW