2016 Championship Show


11th June 2016

The Royal Agricultural University


Mr S Seymour Dogs - Miss S Kimber Bitches - Mrs B Roderick BIS

Best In Show Ch  Serenaker Fashion
Reserve Best In Show Annavah Knick Knack
Best Puppy In Show Rossut Endeavoured
Best Vintage/Veteran Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise JW
Best Junior Handler Miss Jessica Bootes
Best Dog Nedlaw Basil
Reserve Best Dog Rossut Endeavoured
Best Bitch Ch Serenaker Fashion
Reserve Best Bitch Annavah Knick Knack

Best In Show Line Up




Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog
7 Entries 0 Absent

1st Dialynne Peter Piper

2nd Awreridge Waterbuck

3rd Bellvalley Ace of Spades

 Class 2 Puppy Dog
  4 Entries 0 Absent

 1st Rossut Endeavoured

 2nd Summerlily Zero to Hero

 3rd Troopersway Gladiator

Class 3 Junior Dog
2 Entries 0 Absent

1st Rhiconich Finleigh

2nd Eardley Walk the Talk at Tagahound


Class 4 Novice Dog
4 Entries 1 Absent

 1st Awreridge Waterbuck

 2nd Barrvale Cobbler

 3rd Canowindra Ursus

Class 5 Graduate Dog
1 Entry

1st Janfrey Unwin

 Class 6 Post Graduate Dog
 9 Entries  1 Absent

 1st Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne JW

 2nd Dufosee The Duke

 3rd Troopersway Boy Wonder at Tagahound

 Class 7 Limit Dog
 13 Entries 2 Absent

 1st Nedlaw Basil

 2nd  Annavha Felix

 3rd Baldev Hells Angel (Imp)

 Class 8 Open Dog
  9  Entries 0 Absent

 1st ChCh Serenaker Othello JW

 2nd Ch Nedlaw Rupert With Maplelayne

 3rd Ch Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW SH CM

 Class 9 Veteran Dog
  5 Entries 1 Absent

1st Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil In  Disguise JW

2nd Ch Dufosee Ikea

3rd Ch Rossut Sorcerer

Class 10 Vintage Dog
1 Entry 0 Absent

1st Barrvale Excalibur

Class 11 Special Beginners Dog
1 Entries 0 Absent

 1st Troopersway Boy Wonder at Tagahound

Class 12 Special Open Working Dog
3 Entries

1st Gemark Thyme Lord

2nd Bondlea Layman

3rd Kentoast Drake

 Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch
 13 Entries 1 Absent

 1st Serenaker Daydream

 2nd Nictoney Sparkler

 3rd Rossut Flourish

 Class 14 Puppy Bitch
 12 Entries 0 Absent

 1st Rossut Delicious

 2nd Bayard Below The Stairs

 3rd Rossut Damsel

 Class 15 Junior Bitch
 14 Entries  2 Absent

 1st Annavah Knick Knack

 2nd Davricard Hollyhock for Barrvale

 3rd Soletrader Scarlett O'Hara

 Class 16 Novice Bitch
 6 Entries 1 Absent

 1st Nictoney Sparkler

 2nd Wyvisiview Snowbunting

 3rd Blitzlilie Winter Is Coming

 Class 17 Graduate Bitch
  9 Entries 6 Absent

 1st Summerlily Maid In Oz

 2nd Rhiconich Fionnuala

 3rd Deaconfield Innocence

 Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch
19 Entries 4 Absent

 1st Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM

 2nd Nictoney Polyanna

 3rd Janfrey Sapphire

 Class 19 Limit Bitch
 14 Entries  4 Absent

 1st Rossut Volley at Nictoney

 2nd Annavah Imagine

3rd Dialynne Alayna Avec Blunderhill 

 Class 20  Open Bitch
 11 Entries 2 Absent

 1st Ch  Serenaker Fashion

 2nd Ch Bayard Forget Me Knot JW

 3rd Dufosee Nabrina With Dialynne

 Class 21 Veteran Bitch
 10 Entries  2 Absent

 1st Newlin Chalice at Molesend JWl

 2nd Raimex Bussell JW

 3rd Barvale Jigsaw At Huntshill

 Class 22 Vintage Bitch
  2 Entries 2 Absent


Class 23 Special Beginners Bitch
9 Entries 3 Absent

 1st Timamso Saskia For Michelroy

 2nd Blitzlilie Winter Is Coming

 3rd Roddwood Phoebe At Claybank

Class 24 Special Open Working Bitch
 5 Entries 1 Absent

 1st Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM

 2nd Tiger Lilly Blossom

 3rd Bellevalley Dunnit

Junior Handling  
Class 25   6 - 11 Years

 1st Ella Findlay

 2nd Kyra Harrison 

Class 26    12 - 16 Years  
 1st Jessica Bootes