2014 Open Show March


March 2014 The Beagle Club Open Show Results
Judge  Mr J S Thirlwell
Best In Show  Serenaker Figaro
Reserve Best In Show  Rossut Mockery
Best Puppy In Show  Dufosee Nabrina
Best Veteran/Vintage In Show  Ch Tatooine Obi Wan at Donay
Best Junior Handler  
Best Dog  Serenaker Figaro
Reserve Best Dog  Dialynne Breaking News
Best Bitch  Rossut Mockery
Reserve Best Bitch  Serenaker Memphis Belle



Best In Show Line Up



Left to Right. BEST IN SHOW Parker/Stevens/Norridge's Serenaker Figaro

RBIS. Sutton's Rossut Mockery BVIS.Ch.Tatooine Obi Wan at Donay

BP. Spavin's Dufosee  Nabrina    BW Chapman's Gemark Thyme Lord



Judge: Mr. J S Thirlwell 

Class 1  Minor Puppy


Entries 10


1st Eardley Drew Peacock

2nd Dialynne Decaprio

3rd Janfrey Randal


Class 2  Puppy  

Entries 3  Absent 1 


1st Nictoney Scorer

2nd Raimex Barnaby


 Class 3 Junior  
 Entries 4  

1st Dialynne Forever Holmes

2nd Redcap Brentwood At Hardexspen

3rd Dialynne Forever Watson


Class 4 Novice  
Entries 2  

1st  Donay Freeman at Troopersway

2nd Boomerloo's Curly Wurly

Class 5 Post Graduate  
Entries 7  Absent 2  

1st.Dialynne Forever Holmes

2nd.Bondlea Layman

3rd. Bondlea Legion

Class 6 Limit  
Entries 8  


1st Rossut Cluster

2nd Deaconfield Governor

3rd Tatooine Zhar at Troopersway

Class 7 Open  
Entries 6   Absent 1  


1st Serenaker Figaro

2nd Dialynne Breaking News

3rd Simeldaka Verdala Master Sh.CM

Class 8 Veteran  
Entries 7   Absent 1  

1st. Ch.Tatooine Obi Wan at Donay

2nd Barrvale Excalibur

3rd Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise JW

Class 9 Vintage  
Entries 0  
Class 10 Special Beginners  
Entries 4  

1st Boomerloo's Curly Wurley

2nd Redcap Brentwood At Hardexspen

3rd Dialynne Forever Watson

Class 11 Special Open Working  
Entries 4  

1st Gemark Thyme Lord

2nd Bondlea Layman

3rd Bondlea Legion

Class14 Minor Puppy  
Entries 9  

1st Dufosee Nabrina

2nd Raimes Brittany

3rd Serenaker Fashion

Class 15 Puppy  
Entries 4    Absent 1  

1st Raimex Brittany

2nd Lucxand Leona

3rd Janimist Spring Cherry

Class 16 Junior  
Entries 4    

1st Rossut Mockery

2nd Rossut Memory Of Pakowhai

3rd Redcap Bella Sorella

Class 17 Novice  
Entries 3   Absent 1  

1st Dialynne Saffron Velvet

2nd Redcap Ice And a Slice

Class 18 Post Graduate  
Entries 9   Absent 1  

 1st Troopersway Tallulah

2nd Harropine Showtime At Alfadais

3rd Eardley Miss Conduct At Boomerloo

 Class 19   Limit  
Entries 6   Absent 2  

1st Nedlaw Flaxon With Maplelayne

2nd Shercroft Duchess

3rd Barterhound Gem Stone

Class 20 Open  
Entries 11   Absent 3  

1st Serenaker Memphis Belle

2nd Raimex Rowanberry

3rd Redcap Folktale of Bondlea

Class 21 Veteran  
Entries 5  

1st Simeldaka Madliena Girl Sh.CM

2nd Cliffmere Iris

3rd Kanstanza Kochin

Class 22  Vintage  
Entries 3  

1st Albreda Promised Passion at Gemark

2nd Ch.Barterhound Willow

3rd Konstanza Cleopatra

Class 23  Special Beginners  
Entries 6   Absent 1  

1st Harropine Showtime At Alfadais

2nd Eardley Miss Conduct At Boomerloo

3rd Janimist Spring Cherry

Class 24 Special Working  
Entries 5   Absent 1  

1st Simeldaka Wardija Lady Of Lucxand

2nd Redcap Balla Sorella

3rd Winter Pansy