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Beagles Looking For Homes

The Beagle Welfare frequently release their latest list of Beagles looking for suitable homes. 

To avoid the Beagles going to unsuitable homes the Beagle Welfare are careful to list each Beagles personality, and monitor their behaviour to ensure their next home will be one, where both the Beagle and their new owners are very happy.

Please download the latest list here.

Any questions please contact Beagle Welfare


Contact Beagle Welfare

The Beagle Welfare officers and trustees work on a voluntary basis and therefore have prior commitments to work and home life.

There is much more information on their website and a full list of contacts for different regions of the UK.

For much more detailed information on Beagle Welfare please visit their website

The Beagle Welfare Scheme

The Beagle Welfare Scheme was established in 1979 in order to give help and advice on Beagles and where necessary to 're-home' Beagles whose owners are unable to do so.

Their website is intended to provide information on the breed, advice on finding, buying and owning a Beagle as well as details of the work of Beagle Welfare.

Beagle Welfare is a UK Registered Charity.

The main aims of Beagle Welfare are:

Donations to help finance the work of Beagle Welfare are expected when a hound is given up or adopted. However, Beagle Welfare would never turn away a Beagle in need just because the owner could not contribute towards the kenneling costs. Their fund-raising efforts make up any short-fall in meeting the costs of any individual case.

As the years have passed, the number of hounds dealt with each year has reached a plateau. More and more of our work in the last few years has been educational.  Beagle Welfare hope to prevent rescue problems by making prospective owners fully aware of their responsibilities as dog owners, and the particular needs of Beagles as pets.  Beagle Welfare would rather put someone off having a Beagle in the first place than have to pick up the pieces a year or two later.  On the other hand, potentially good homes can be encouraged to learn more about the breed so that they can enjoy life with their Beagle to the full.

A few of Their Activities..

To this end, their booklet, Beagles as Pets was produced several years ago and has been widely distributed to interested parties (and copied by Beagle Associations abroad!). Beagle Welfare co-operate with the other Beagle breed clubs to have a presence at the ‘Discover Dogs’ exhibitions at Crufts and Earls Court, winning the award for Best Breed Stand at the first Earls Court event.

The Beagle Welfare stand has attended many dog shows and events aimed at the ‘general public’, such as the Town & Country Festival at Stoneleigh, bringing sensible information about Beagles to as many people as possible. The stand has won a number of awards - notably Best Welfare Stand at the Hound Club of East Anglia many times, Best Breed Stand at the Hound Show for several years running and most recently Best Hound Stand at Crufts 2009. In every case the judge has remarked on the quality of the breed information which Beagle Welfare have given.

Regarding Neutering

Beagle Welfare does not have a hard and fast policy on neutering. In some cases they have bitches or dogs neutered while they are in their care, if they feel that it is in the best interests of the individual Beagle to do this straight away. In other cases they wait for the hound to settle down in its new home and allow the new owners to arrange for the operation. If any prospective owner was reluctant to have a hound neutered Beagle Welfare would be very wary about passing them as suitable to have a Welfare Beagle as a pet.