2018 Open Show (Nov)


17th Nov 2018

The Beagle Club Open Show Results


 Mr G Evans (Belvalley)     

Best In Show

Bondlea Lucy

Reserve Best In Show

Deaconfield Kingcraft

Best Puppy In Show

Bournehouse Pickpocket  

Best Veteran/Vintage In Show

Shercroft Duchess JW Sh.CM

Best Junior Handler

Kyra Harrison

Best Dog

Deaconfield Kingcraft

Reserve Best Dog

Cliffemere Mindful Of Shercroft JW Sh

Best Bitch

Bondlea Lucy

Reserve Best Bitch

Deaconfield Keepsake



 Dog Line Up

 Best Dog - Res Best Dog - Best Puppy Dog

Bitch Line up
Best Bitch - Res Best Bitch - Best Puppy Bitch - Best  Vet/Vin Bitch

Best Junior  Handler - Kyra Harrison



Class 1  Minor Puppy


Entries 2 Absent 1


1st Brown's Beagleboys Mister Fahrenheit



Class 2  Puppy


Entries 1 Absent  1


Class 3 Junior


Entries 6 Absent 4


1st Taylor's Deaconfield Kingcraft

2nd Hennignsson Dundas' Julemark Artful


Class 4 Yearling


Entries 3 Absent 2


1st Sawbridge-Praties' Brydea Bilberry 


Class 5 Novice


Entry 4 Absent 3


1st Sawbridge-Praties' Brydea Bilberry


Class 6 Post Graduate


Entries 2 Absent  2


Class 7  Limit


Entries 3 Absent  1


1st Hunt & Norris' Cliffmere Mindful Of Shercroft JW

2nd Carmichael's Kernebridge Bombadier


Class 8 Open


Entries 3   Absent 3


Class 9 Veteran


Entries 3   Absent 2


1st Jacklin's Triecap Lord Oscar


Class 10 Vintage


Entries 1 Absent 0


1st Jacklin's Triecap Prince Zaphar

Class 11 Special Beginners


Entries 4 Absent 2


1st Jacklin's Triecap Lord Oscar

2nd Sawbridge-Praties Brydea Bilberry

Class 12 Special Open Working


Entries 0 





Class 13 Minor Puppy


Entries 5   Absent  4


1st Moloney's Bournehouse Pickpocket


Class 14 Puppy


Entries 4 Absent  2


1st Dawson, Goodhall & Harrison's Glenbrows Bright Eyes

2nd Tofts' Jarrowley Teasel


Class 15 Junior


Entries 5 Absent 2


1st Hunt's Bondlea Lucy

2nd Taylor's Deaconfield Keepsake

3rd Henningsson Dundas' Julemark Ariadne



Class 16 Yearling


Entries 4 Absent 2


1st Hunt's Bondlea Lucy

2nd Jacklin's Triecap Countess Crystal


Class 17 Novice


Entries 5   Absent 3


1st Dawson, Goodall & Harrison's Glenbrows Bright Eyes

2nd Shickle's Bondlea Mist



Class 18 Post Graduate


Entries 5 Absent 1


1st Hunt's Bondlea Lucy

2nd Dawson, Goodall & Harrison's Rundle Going For Gold

3rd Nunn's Eardly Sam Which

Res Hennignsson Dundas' Chequers Countess Mary mit Julemark (Imp)



Class 19   Limit


Entries 4   Absent 2


1st Brown's Raimex Reed Bunting

2nd Taylor's Deaconfield Innocence


Class 20 Open


Entries 4 Absent 3


1st Jacklin's Triecap Queen Ruby


Class 21 Veteran


Entries  4 Absent 2


1st Hunt & Norris' Shercroft Duchess JW Sh.CM

2nd Brown's Raimex Rowanberry JW


Class 22 Vintage


Entries  6  Absent 2


1st Dawson & Goodall's Rundle Kokanee

2nd Carmichael's Cliffmere Nimble At Kernebridge

3rd Conway's Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway

Res Henningsson Dundas' Ch Julemark Hussy


Class 23  Special Beginners


Entries  3 Absent   2


1st Jacklin's Triecap Countess Crystal


Class 24 Special Working


Entries 1 Absent 0 


1st   Nunn's Eardley Sam Which








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