2009/2010 Working Season

Chainhurst, 10th October 2009

Our first meet of the season was held on the outer edges of our area in Chainhurst, Kent and after torrential rain the previous day the weather was perfect.

We had 19 hounds out, most which were old hands but we did have three new kids on the block; Missey Hankey and Libby and Monty Houseman.

To everybody’s surprise after our six month layoff the hounds were back on to the scent from the first line, it was a lovely sight to see. We had some help from our honorary beagle, Rodney the collie, who kindly pulled the drag for one of the lines to the amazement of the other dogs. A light breeze did drift the line a little more than expected and the warmth from the sun made the scent lift. As the morning progressed we were able to lay more complicated lines which the "workers" coped with admirably and some of the new hounds picked up and worked well. In some of the later fields a few of the beagles were finding the thistles a challenge and were having to tip-toe the lines.

As the farms runs alongside the River Beult both Nubie Lehain and Sky Precey went for a quick, cooling swim. By the time we got to the final line it was clear which hounds were fit and had the stamina needed and those who need a bit of fitness training before the next meet. We always forgive Yokel Haylock as he is one of our elder statesmen who may be slow but he is very accurate and doesn’t get distracted by the 'more interesting' smells. All in all it was very pleasing first day of the new season.

 Our next meet is on 25th October at Greens Norton, Buckinghamshire, please contact the Working Section Secretary at workingsection@googlemail.com or see our website for further information.

Drag Hunting at Greens Norton - 25th Oct 2009

One really does begin to wonder, is it the Field Master or the Working Section Secretary who has the direct line to the weather gods? The dismal wet and heavy rain of Saturday disappeared overnight and Sunday dawned bright and sunny. Pulling into the farmyard, there was the welcoming sight of numerous beagles bedecked in their colourful jackets and the slightly surprising sight of a mature gentleman unloading the quad bike. Adam can’t have aged in a year! No it was Adam’s boss, Richard Jefferies, none other than the farm owner who was going to line lay for us today. “Adam has Royal British Legion duties today as it is the start of the Poppy Campaign, so he has delegated the drag to me and given me my instructions – and I thought I was his boss!” he explained. But then added “I like to share my land, in a controlled way, with those who also enjoy it”, so 36 people, 2 toddlers and 25 hounds (plus an interloper) set off in near Spring-like weather to enjoy his land.

Promptly at 11.30 we were off to the first field, a short clockwise line in the top half to burn off a bit of the hound’s energy and to test how the scent drifted given the brisk wind across the first shoots of the oil seed rape crop. Good news, the scent only drifted a little, less than we all expected, and the hounds seemed to be in good and fairly disciplined form.

The second and much longer line was run anticlockwise, in groups, and took the hounds over a crest and out of sight, a time for concern as it always seems to be an eternity before they re-emerge. Here ‘Folly’ Peach and ‘Krafty’ Kimber reappeared working hard, bang on the line and keeping up a pace only the youngsters can maintain. The third line, this time on winter wheat, was another long line that tested the stamina of the hounds. But, by now we had another competition “which hound can run the shortest line”, I think ‘Cob(I don’t do running)web’ Kimber might have won with a score of roughly minus six feet (see me sometime for an explanation).

Down across the Footbridge to meet back up the quad that had to take the long way round. Here there seemed to be a bit of a delay between groups, as the first to run had found a dead rabbit – much more interesting than aniseed! ‘Suki’ Fernie and ‘Kermit’ Scott (a new entrant) were showing great promise with Sukie giving tongue; also in good voice was ‘Holey’ McSheehy. Several of the hounds dived down to the stream to drink; the hard ground was taking its toll. Here Krafty had a painful introduction to stinging nettles – much paw washing and some pretend limping but no lasting damage.

On to another field where our farmer friend set a more challenging trail, commencing on winter wheat then over rough grass before returning to the wheat with a couple of sharp turns. ‘Merlin’ Stannard appeared to lead Group A into the grass where it took time for all the hounds to find the line before continuing by which time Sukie and Folly were heading the pack. It was pleasing to see several hounds really working together to find that elusive scent and continue on the line. The penultimate line saw Sukie, ‘Missy’ Hankey, Folly Krafty and Kermit all putting in good performances. However, there always has to be one and this time it was ‘Nubie’ Lehain with a “No, I’m not returning when called” so Clare was seen with her Knight of the Field, mounted on the Quad off to collect the errant hound!

And, so to the last line, down in the bottom of the first field – well least said the best, as it a typical was one group, one whistle “bomb burst” with hounds in all directions, on the line, on the heel-line and just about anywhere in the field! Still our secret weapon – ‘Yokel’ Haylock did one of his steady and accurate runs collecting the strays as he methodically completed the final line.

A splendid, if windy day, it’s such a pleasure to have the lines laid by quad which means they can be so much longer – some very tired hounds, doubtless slept all the way back to their respective homes. Our guests and visitors, including the Bleu de Gascoigne, all had a good day and saw our impromptu pack putting on a good show, well apart from the last line!

written by John Reymond.

Lewknor, 8th November 09

Having driven along the M40 on 8th November, we passed High Wycombe through drizzle, heavy rain and fog it was a relief to drop down the side of the escarpment at Lewknor into much clearer weather.

We had 25 hounds and their owners for the drag on Murray Graham’s Field Farm just on the outskirts of Lewknor and in view of the motorway. There were 5 beagles (Bryn Richmond, Polly Nathan, Bussell Brown, Alfie Carter and Monti Rose) that were out for the first time, many accompanied by concerned owners thinking that this would be the last time they would see them; all came back on each line except Bussell who enjoyed it so much that she couldn’t quite bring herself to come back instantly!

 For the first line all the hounds went together and the pack split with half going on the heel line and the others following the line well, all of them meeting on the far side without incident. The second had to be abandoned when our line layer, Kore (Nelson’s owner) went round the corner with the drag and came across a group of skittish heifers; plan B was then instituted with the first group released in the next door field. A small handful of dogs decided that they were no longer hounds but cattle dogs and very neatly separated a heifer from the others but order was rapidly restored.

Swiftly the working section moved off the grassland and on to some young wheat to lay the rest of the lines accompanied by soaring Red Kites. The workers, Trigger Ambridge, Tia Bidey and Sukie Fernie (now wearing her bright pink leotard with her name emblazoned on her side), in the first group were working very well keeping true to the line and calling the first timers and novices to it. The other worker in the group, Buster Forbes, was trying hard but being hampered by his sister who wanted to play, towards the end of the morning Filly left her brother alone and put in some good runs. Two of the newcomers in this group, Bryn and Bussell, showed some promise.

On one of the later lines the second group, having completed most of the field, put up a hare, luckily the majority of dogs were safely back with their owners and the others gave up when the hare disappeared into some rough grass a great distance ahead of them. The workers of the second group, Folly Peach, Nubie Lehain and Yokel Haylock did a grand job of leading Missy Hankey and Kermit Scott (out for their first season) round the lines and showing them the ropes. An eventful but enjoyable morning that ended for most of the owners in the Leathern Bottle, Lewknor for a much deserved drink and meal.

Mitcheldean 22nd November 09

Everybody has always told me that Mitcheldean is the best venues we have but also that it is liable to cancellation due to bad weather. With copious amounts of rain falling in various parts of the country and also having to drive through some pretty big showers on Sunday 22nd November 2009 it was good to finally get there.

We had another good turnout with 22 beagles and their owners who partook of Barbara and Peter Rodericks wonderful hospitality. The Working Section of the Beagle Club is very fortunate that the Rodericks’ two neighbours are keen huntsmen and are happy to shuffle their stock to enable us to run our hounds on their land.

The two fields adjacent to the cottage provided our first two lines with them being laid by Peter and his trusty ride on mower; although there were a few sticky moments in the muddy gateway. With all the beagles going on one whistle there was a touch of chaos as the majority took to the heel line and a small group of 4 followed the scent the correct way round led by Buster and Filly Forbes. We had to say goodbye to the mower as we moved over the road to run the rest of the lines. Starting off in the turnips and splitting the pack into 2 groups showed who was starting to work the scent and who was out for a jolly.

The newest member of the working section, Boston Armstrong, was having such a good time working the scent he couldn’t bear to leave the line and with his new friend, Bryn Richmond, continued to run up and down the line until they were persuaded that we had a few more fields to run. Next we all huffed and puffed up the very steep ‘Bank’; I could have sworn it was vertical. Once we were at the top the rain hammered down and the wind was so strong that on one line both groups turned down wind instead of going into the wind as the scent had been blown so far off course.

Several of our first timers are excelling themselves, two of note are Bussell Brown and Kermit Scott who have really got the idea and are loving their days out on the drag. Another beagle that has come out of his shell this season is Merlin Stannard and he is running the lines well, generally up with the front runners as is Pocket Johnson. As the afternoon drew on we moved to some more level ground and the workers Sukie Fernie and Tia Bidey stopped cutting the corners and showed the others in their group what it was all about. Folly Peach and Riot McSheehy were doing a great job of leading the second group especially on the penultimate line of the day. We are indebted to Dan Cain for gallantly laying many of the lines with help from David Scott and our Field Master. It was lovely to see Theresa Chapman, the previous Working Section Secretary, bringing her 3 (Minstrel, Dudge and Jekyll) out for the first time this season.

We finished off the afternoon in the Rodericks’ barn with a tea table groaning under the weight of food supplied by the draggers which gave us all a chance to warm up having settled the dogs back in the cars. Mitcheldean certainly lived up to my expectations and I must thank Barbara and Peter again for their kind and generous hospitality.

Enstone, 6th December 2009

Yet again, as we set off for Oat Hill Farm, Enstone on 6th December 2009 the weather was appalling but we held our faith in the weather forecasts from the night before. For once the weathermen got it right and the skies cleared as we got the farm.

For this meet we had thirteen couples, and their owners gave themselves a welcome break from Christmas preparations. This venue is mainly run on grass leys of various ages with a little arable land. We were lucky to have the services of Dan Cairns who had borrowed (with permission from his boss) his works Quad bike, to lay five out of the seven lines.

After a slightly delayed start, we moved off to the first field where all the dogs went together on one whistle. This went unusually well, with 90% of the dogs all going in the same direction and on the line too. In fact a few liked it so much they did it all over again! The next few lines proved successful with the pack split into 2 groups - only a few first corners being missed. The nine working certificate holders were doing a superb job of showing the novices what it was all about. They were consistently ‘giving tongue’ which is beagle speak for barking whilst running the line and showing the rest of pack where the scent is. One of the lines was run on a stubble field and as the wind blew the aniseed scent off the line, some of the dogs went the wrong side of a hedge and had to turn back to the start to follow the line back home.

With the rain that has fallen recently there was a spring forming a wonderful muddy pool which quite a few hounds decided that needed to be utilised for cooling and drinking. One of our newcomers, Rosie MacDonald, has just got the idea and is enjoying following the line, whereas Dottie MacDonald is just enjoying the day. Moving back onto the grass, Dan laid a line with a large loop before the first corner and a dog leg at the end which the first group ran perfectly, led by the workers Buster Forbes and Folly Cairns, with help from Bussell Brown (our budding newcomer) and Merlin Stannard. In the next field the other group with Sukie Fernie, Tia Bidey and Kermit Scott got their chance to shine with a complicated fresh line. It was a wonderful morning with great weather and the beagles all had a good day.

Lenborough, 13th December 2009

Whilst the rest of the country was battling through Christmas shopping queues, 20 beagles and their owners from the Working Section were out enjoying the hospitality of Manor Farm, Lenborough on 13th December 2009.  This meet is hosted by the Stowe Beagles on grass with a smattering of fresh cowpat, which luckily none of the dogs rolled in.  Usually we are accompanied by their Huntsman, Philip Kennedy, and a group of boys from Stowe School who run the lines, but sadly, they were unable to join us today. 

On the first line all the hounds ran together and once again showed that they were starting to work as a pack, with the workers leading the way.  It is gratifying to see how the unruly rabble that started the season in October has gelled, with the newcomers understanding what is expected.  For the next 4 lines the dogs were split into 2 groups to make it easier to see how the individual dogs were performing.  Missy Hankey and Folly Peach led half of their group in having successfully followed a complicated line laid by Lucy Hankey; the other half of the group got confused at the dog leg and came back on the heel line.  The second group managed to miss the hard bit and just followed the fence until the scent returned. 

Moving on to the next field a hare decided that discretion was the better part of valour and excited the field before the hounds were let off.  Trigger Ambridge and Rowley Burwood, two of our more mature beagles, were on good form today often leading their groups in with our other elder statesman, Yokel  Haylock diligently bringing up the rear.  The only drawback to this venue is the extremely muddy gateways. The youngest follower, Dillon Mace, had to be rescued by his dad from some deep mud by being pulled out by his wellies. 

For the last 3 lines all the hounds ran together.  Tia Bidey did a perfect line confidently following a sharp dog leg; sadly the rest of them ignored her belling.  The upside was that it was great to see the other beagles searching for the line and working as a team.  The newest member of our pack, Alfie Mace, seemed to have a great time and when not distracted by visiting Ian Bidey, our photographer, ran some good lines.

If you would like to see what we get up to please visit Ian’s website (www.ian-bidey.magix.net) where pictures of most of our meets from the last couple of seasons can be viewed.  After all the lines had been run it was a happy bunch of Draggers that trudged back up the hill to the cars with the majority retiring to the local pub for sustenance.

Meopham, 3rd January 2010

What a spectacular day to be out with your beagle and a bunch of like minded friends, and what a wonderful way to work off some of the Christmas excesses. The sun was shining on a light dusting of snow when the Working Section of the Beagle Club held their New Year meet at Nurstead Court in Meopham, Kent on 3rd January 2010. This new venue was provided by the Bolebrook Beagles and courtesy of the land owner, Mr Edmeades-Stern. Reuben Taffs, the young son of Daren the Joint Master of the Bolebrook, had been seconded to drive his Dad's quad bike to lay the lines so there would be less standing around in the cold.

Through the first half of the season the pack had been developing well, with the newcomers learning the ropes from the more experienced hounds. For the first time this season we had visitors, including Robin Kelham the current Field Master and ex Master of the Bolebrook, to impress and our dogs showed us up beautifully. One of the factors may have been that there were fewer working certificate holders to find the line and show the others where it went. Over the festive season the dogs have had a break and it certainly showed on the first line, with the beagles scattering in all directions. As the meet progressed the dogs settled and began to follow the line with a little more concentration, even if most were doing the heel line. Missy Hankey decided to investigate a cow who just regarded her with disdain, much to Missy's disappointment.

Once we moved out on to the cross country course with the ability to lay a longer line, the two groups started to work more consistently with Tia Bidey, Trigger Ambridge and Rowley Burwood showing one of the groups the way. Buster Forbes left the other 2 workers, Indy Beaney and Yokel Haylock, to do the hard work as he preferred to work from the finish to the start and then to go round again with his sister, Filly, out to hinder him. For one of the lines a young hunt puppy joined the second group and very clearly showed his speed. There was a pause whilst Hooley Mcsheehy partook of a particularly yummy roll which should have made the homeward journey pleasant. Out for the first time was Milo Barber who got the idea of following the aniseed trail very quickly.

For the last 2 lines we moved on to a young field of rape where the dogs finally set to work and showed the visitors what they could do. All was going well until Kermit Scott and Milo Barber became distracted and made a detour through to the next field before being reunited with their owners.

After a mixed day the weary owners were invited to a sumptuous meal by Sally Kimber and John Reymond (with some contributions from members), both of whom had been instrumental in organising this drag.

Blewbury, 17th January 2010

With the weather beautifully clear after ten days of snow and fog, we travelled to Woodway Farm, Blewbury, which is nearly in the shadow of Didcot Power Station, on Sunday 17th January 2010. We had 24 beagles and their owners making their way up what looked like a 4 x 4 test track to the downs and the gallops where we would lay the lines.

 Our Field Master, David McSheehy, had decided to see how the Beagles would work if they all ran together. This turned out to be a great idea, as the Novices and those out for their first season enjoyed running as a larger pack, gaining confidence from the Workers. The majority of the lines were run on the arable land which, after the snow and rain, proved to be heavy going. Luckily there were pockets of snow still lying, so the hounds could clean their paws.

 On the second line of the day Rosie McDonald was distracted by a particularly wonderful patch to roll in and her housemate Dottie, came over to see what was going on; luckily she didn’t want to join in. Moving on to the next line on grass this time, our line layer, Dave, was followed by a hovering Red Kite who no doubt had its eye on the lure he was dragging behind him. We were very lucky on this line because two deer who were spooked after the pack of beagles had passed by were not noticed.

As the morning progressed we started walking back up the hill using the fields on the opposite side of the gallops. Felicity Hankey ran a line that incorporated a large section of the valley but the Master’s dog, Riot, decided that he wanted to extend the line to the other side of the valley; happily he was persuaded to re-join the pack. Dan, Folly’s owner, took on the next line and put in a sneaky dog leg, which fooled the majority of the dogs - only a quarter of them ran it correctly.

Alfie Mace’s young owner, Owen, aged five has started up in competition with Ian Bidey in taking photographs; sadly Alfie knows where he is and visits him rather than following the line. Missy Hankey and Folly Peach for the girls were continually in the front, leading the pack in, with Tia Bidey joining them by cutting a few corners. The boys were well represented by Nubie Lehain and Trigger Ambridge.

Having run the last line we slid our cars down the track and retired to the George and Dragon in Upton for a well earned drink and meal.

Stowe School, 31 March 2010

With the thermometer in the car never being able to raise itself above zero for the entire journey to Stowe School Kennels on Sunday, 31st January; it was not surprising to see a few flakes of snow gently falling on our arrival. We were met by the Field Master Philip Kennedy and a small group of students from the school who were kindly going to act as whippers-in for us. It was interesting to see Beagles of the Stowe Pack and compare them to our hounds. The hunting beagles were much finer with smaller heads and generally speaking taller than our pet/show dogs as well as being a little leaner!

As we walked to the first field, even though it was on old turf, it was clear that the ground was hard with frost. This seemed to reduce the efficacy of the aniseed scent. The result was that often many of the dogs were distracted by the fresher scent of the heel line rather than following the line as it had been laid.

We started the drag in the park alongside the river with all 28 dogs being let off together. It looked like organised chaos but it didn’t take long to collect them up again. For the rest of the day the Beagles were run in two separate groups; this seemed to help them focus on the job in hand. We had 4 dogs that had never dragged before and it was interesting to see how they coped running with a fairly established pack, as the old hands have become over this season. Henry and Jess Cooke and Bertie Hankey picked up the idea well and were often running with the main group; Ginger Focaccia would start well and then stop, wondering if she should be with her owners or off with the others.

Crossing the frozen river over the spectacular single beam bridge, we moved to some lightly wooded land and were able to lay a couple of lines in this field. Litter brothers Bryn Richmond and Kermit Scott had such a good time that they went round a second and third time with a couple of friends. On the next line our old stager Yokel Haylock also went round with both of the groups. For the last line of the morning we moved through the Kennel Yard to a steep field which gave a good view of the dogs as they ran.

Having already run the whole group together, our Field Master decided to just run the Novices and those dogs who were out for the first time this season so that we could see who had picked up the idea. It seemed that many still needed the leadership of the Working Certificate holders as they milled around before returning to their owners for their treats. A couple of notable exceptions were Henry Cooke and Krafty Kimber who were doing a good job. It was lovely to retire to the pub so we could thaw out after a wonderful if chaotic morning!

Gaddesden Row, Flamstead, 14th February 2010

After a mixed week weather wise, it was good to see members meeting on a grey, dry and not quite so cold a day on Sunday 14th February 2010 at the Old Chequers Inn before proceeding to the venue at Wood End Farm, Gaddesden Row courtesy of the South Herts Beagles Master - Matthew Higgs.

 All beagles ran together on one whistle for the usual "pipe opener" on the first and only grass line of the day. Very good performances came from the majority of experienced hounds together with 1st season hounds Bussell Brown and Tosca Pottage showing just how well they too could work.  Merlin Johnson - out for the very first time - showed promise although he ran the heel line.

All subsequent lines were run on a mixture of grass and arable; the latter being quite heavy going which took its toll later in the day when many hounds showed signs of tiredness. David McSheehy, Field Master, worked the next two lines using two whistles per group giving the workers the chance to lead and encourage the novices on.  It was quickly apparent that the first group on each line worked it much better than the second group and this continued throughout the day.  On Line 2 the first group was led in by Tia Bidey closely followed by Bussell , Amber Ambridge, Folly Peach, Sukie Fernie and Tosca Pottage not to mention Yokel Haylock completing the line in his usual relaxed way on this his twelfth birthday.  The second group showed only Krafty Kimber and Trigger Ambridge running the full line but with a good show from Missy Hankey, Rowley Burwood and Pocket Johnson.

During the rest of the meet all groups set off on just one whistle which seemed to work well.  On one line Amber decided to return to one of her old tricks and aimed straight for the lure rather than following the line. Moving on it was pleasing to see veteran Trigger lead the group in having run an excellent line closely followed by Kermit Scott and Rowley.

The last two lines were run in a clockwise direction with a good performance from Bryn Richmond whilst others showed they were tiring by cutting corners and returning to their owners early.  Buster Forbes showed how well he can work when he lost the line and was seen to be casting to find it again then continuing to complete.  Pocket finished a line with a ‘trophy’ bringing back the remains of a rabbit foot.  Sukie was hampered a little by Bertie Hankey was besotted with her; but this pairing was an attempt to persuade him to run a full line which he did.

Back to the cars where all hounds were delighted to partake of ‘Birthday Sausages’ given out by Doreen on behalf of Yokel.  Many thanks to our Field Master and to the line layers of the day who all had their work cut out over some heavy going: Dan Cairns, Marie Dent, Kore Antonsen, Mr Pottage, David Scott and John Reymond.

written  by Wendy Bidey

Pre-Qualifying Meet, Greens Norton 28th February 2010

It seems that nearly every write up this season has started with a weather forecast, and this one is no exception. With dire “Severe Weather Warnings” from the Met Office, members of the Working Section of the Beagle Club set off with waterproofs and changes of clothes for the Pre-Trials meet on 28th February 2010. The drag was being held at Langford Farm, Greens Norton, Northants. by kind permission of Richard Jefferies and the able assistance of Adam who laid the lines with the farm quad bike.

With the hounds raring to go we slipped and slid our way to the first field where they all ran the line together with rather less chaos than usual. Perhaps they have gelled into a proper pack of Beagles now the season is at an end. As this was our Pre-Trials meet we wanted to replicate the conditions usually found at the Trial. This meant splitting the beagles into smaller groups so that it was easier to see how individual hounds were performing. As an experiment there were 4 groups; 2 for the bitches and 2 for the dogs, giving the opportunity to mix and match the different groups on some of the lines. It became clear that the Beagles' concentration and ability were greatly improved when they were not distracted by the other sex. With smaller groups, some of the first season hounds were able to shine; the two MacDonald beagles, Rosie and Dottie, ran some of their best lines with less competition. Merlin Stannard also seemed to enjoy being in a small group with several working certificate holders and ran some good lines. One of our more established hounds, Nelson Antonsen, started the day with his usual habit of cutting corners but later on redeemed himself and earned plenty of treats by running full lines in the best fashion. The litter brothers, Bryn Richmond and Kermit Scott, performed superbly when run separately but couldn’t resist playing in the field, clearly forgetting all about the line when they ran together. On the other hand Filly Forbes refused to run at all when she couldn't annoy her brother, Buster Forbes on the line.

The ground proved to be a lot easier on the hounds than we had thought, so the whole pack was able to run 9 lines mainly over short oilseed rape. The only grass line that was used had several small lakes through which the lure was dragged to see if the dogs would be brave enough to follow. Bryn decided that this was too much fun and refused to return to his owner. There were several game attempts to catch him, usually resulting in a fall into the mud before he was returned to the end of his lead.

As we gathered at the end of the meet we were supplied with chunks of very tasty banana cake freshly baked that morning by Sally Precey!

Report on the Beagle Club Working Trials 2009/10

Members of the Working Section gathered on a fine spring day on 14th March 2010 at the Lower Piggery Farm, East Meon with the kind permission of Jamie Butler and all at Meon Springs Fishery for the Working Trials. This was the culmination of the 2009 - 2010 season where all the qualified beagles would be put through their paces competing for much prized working certificates.

This year we had the luxury of being able to hold the Post-Trial teas and prize-giving at 'The Yurtery', the newly built common room at the farm. Our Judges were David Brown from the Christchurch and Farley Beagles and Petronella Burton-Brown who has recently retired from the Wick Beagles. For the Trials the qualified beagles (23 in total) were split into 4 groups so the Judges could easily score them and to reduce distraction these groups were either dogs or bitches, with a couple of exceptions.

As is usual for our drags the first field was a practice line and this was the only chance the un-entered hounds had of running a line for the day. It was lovely to see the whole pack streaming up the field in the sunshine before getting down to the serious business of the trial. Each beagle runs a total of 4 runs that are scored with a final line for which a selected group are called forward. To make it easy to identify each hound and to ensure that there is no bias, the beagles wear different coloured coats. Everybody was very appreciative of Dan Cairns who laid the lines fast, with his quad bike, all on grass.

The first lines run by each of the groups ran roughly to plan, with the majority of the hounds ignoring the Judges and their stewards, Theresa Chapman and Marie Dent, who were standing in the centre of the field. On his second run Buster Forbes, in his yellow coat, performed a superb run, refusing to join the other members of his group visiting the Judges, but followed the line (including the dog leg kink that it contained) by himself, belling the whole way. Another yellow coated hound, Folly Peach, was consistent throughout the day leading her group in on each line.

At the end of a glorious day, a total of seven Working Certificates were awarded, with Folly topping the leader board, followed by Buster, Tia Bidey and Yokel Haylock, who all held Certificates from previous years. It was great to welcome three new 'workers' - Bryn Richmond, and Indy and Magic Beany. The day was rounded off with a sumptuous tea with items kindly donated by the working section members. It is sad to think that there will be no more drags until the new season starts in September.

Working Trials 2010 Awards

Working Certificates Awarded
1. Barrvale Folly owned by Miss Hermione Peach and Mr Dan Cairns
2. Kentoast Napoleon owned by Miss Jenny and Mrs Tessa Forbes
3. Canowindra Red Dragon owned by Mrs Lynn Richmond
4. Rossut Inkling owned by Mr Adam Beanie and Miss Alex Heal
5. Lucky Ellie Belle owned by Mr Ian and Mrs Wendy Bidey
6. Enchace Yokel owned by Mr John and Mrs Doreen Haylock
7. Essenwell Heather owned by Mr Adam Beanie and Miss Alex Heal

Trophies Awarded 2010
Best Working Dog (Jesson Trophy) – ‘Kentoast Napoleon’ Forbes
Best Working Bitch (Perrystar Trophy) – ‘Barrvale Folly’ Peach
Best Working Hound (Perrystar Hare Trophy) – ‘Barrvale Folly’ Peach
Res Best Working Hound (Valedown Minstrel Boy Memorial Trophy) – ‘Kentoast Napoleon’ Forbes
Best Veteran (Ch. Houndswood Havoc Trophy) – ‘Lucky Ellie Belle’ Bidey
Best Veteran (opp sex) (Enchace Graceful Lady Trophy) – ‘Enchace Yokel’ Haylock
Best Novice (The Sharomay Emperor Trophy) – ‘Canowinda Red Dragon’ Richmond (highest scoring hound with no previous working certificate)
Best Newcomer (Precious Lady Trophy) – ‘Canowindra Red Dragon’ Richmond (highest scoring hound in first season out)
Best Newcomer Opposite Sex (The Kentoast Napoleon Trophy) – ‘Simeldaka Wardija Lady’ Hankey
Field Master’s discretion (Enchace Talismark Memorial Trophy) – ‘Raimex Bussell’ Brown
Young person (under 16) (Kempton Hopeful Whip) – Lucy Hankey