2021 Championship Show






Mrs Nikki Peterson (Troopersway)

Best In Show

Bayard Glory Bee

Reserve Best In Show

Davricard Jacob

Best Puppy In Show

Annavah Buttercup

Best Vintage/Veteran

Ch Raimex Brittany JW.

Best Dog 

Davricard Jacob

Reserve Best Dog

Serenaker George Gently

Best Bitch

Bayard Queen Bee

Reserve Best Bitch

Felinok My Delilah


Best In Show - RBIS, BIS, BPIS, BVIS


 Best Dog Line Up -, BD, RBD & BP, BVD


Best Bitch Line Up - BB, RBB, BPB and BWB 

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog
2 Entries 0 Absent


1st Blunderhall Live Wire

2nd Hilbeaglin Tornado Tumbler




Class 2 Puppy Dog
4 Entries 1 Absent


1st Serenaker Armani

2nd Divinebrae Hearthammer

3rd Destacada Candy Cane




Class 3 Junior Dog
4 Entries 0 Absent


1st Barrvale Hunter at Awreridge

2nd Simeldaka Senglea Squire

3rd Canowindra Loki Odinson

4th  Destacada Candy Cane




Class 4 Yearling Dog
8 Entry 2 Absent


1st Rundle Raspberry Roulade

2nd Gemark Eyasa

3rd Simeldaka Senglea Squire

4th Quincerhound Orions Belt

5th Huntshill Up To Trouble




Class 5 Novice Dog
4 Entries 0  Absent


1st Serenaker Gently George

2nd Rundle Raspberry Roulade

3rd Jalhar The Wonder of You

4th Huntshill Up To Trouble





Class 6 Graduate Dog
3  Entries  0 Absent


1st Stormpasture Rocketman

2nd Serenaker Dreamcaster

3rd Rhosyndu Born To Run




Class 7 Post Graduate Dog

6 Entries 0 Absent


1st Molesend Verdict at Roddwood

2nd Jalhar Gives You The Edge

3rd Quincerhound Orions Belt

4th Charterwood Character

5th Rosrodens Debonair



Class 8 Mid Limit Dog
1 Entries  0 Absent


 1st Morsefield Mudlark





Class 9 Limit Dog

7 Entries 0 Absent


1st Newlin Preston To Clairdale JW

2nd Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne

3rd Luluwells Major at Donay

4th Cliffermere Mindful at Shercroft JW

5th Barrvale Ganymeded



Class 10  Open Dog
11 Entries 1 Absent


1s Davricard Jacob

2nd Serenaker Hot As Ell

3rd Wildas Jerry Seinfield AW

4th Eardley Alec Tricity At Blunderhall JW

5th Deaconfield Kingcraft




Class 11 Veteran Dog
5 Entries 0 Absent


1st Ch Molesend Kaftan JW Sh.CM

2nd Ch Janfrey Randle Upon Rundle JW Sh.CM

3rd Ch Nedlaw Rupert with Maplelayne JW

4th Dialynne Cinnamon for Rosroden

5th Ospreagle Ott of the Press




Class 12 Vintage Dog

2 Entries 1 Absent


1st Barterhound Garrison




Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch
3 Entries 0 Absent


1st Bellvalley Blackthorn

2nd Dufosee Honestly at Parkebreeway

3rd Butterow Token




Class 14 Puppy Bitch
7 Entries  3 Absent


1st Annavah Buttercup

2nd Bellvalley Blackthorn

3rd Jalhar Crowning Glory

4th Lilleagle Miss Fisher




 Class 15 Junior Bitch
 4 Entries  1 Absent


1st Eardley Talking in Texas with Blunderhall

2nd Annavah Star Above Madika

3rd Coachbarn Chimer with Kentoast




Class 16 Yearling Bitch

8 Entries 2 Absent


1st   Bayard Glory Bee

2nd Stormpasture Rockette

3rd  Gemark Ember

4th Huntshill Usual Suspect

5th Eingana Jupiter Ascending




Class 17 Novice Bitch
 6 Entries  1 Absent


1st Annavah Star Above Madika

2nd Huntshill Usual Suspect

3rd Butterow Token

4th Machavos Ember

5th Rushwater Pili Pala



 Class 18 Graduate Bitch
 8 Entries  1 Absent


1st Annavah Star Above Madika

2nd Forgebanks Roksana

3rd Blitzlilie Girl With No Name

4th Coachbarn Crier

5th Claybank Crocus





 Class 19 Post Graduate Bitch
 5 Entries 0  Absent


 1st Donay Belle

2nd Forgebanks Raindrop

3rd Shercroft Liberty JW

4th Butterow Skylark

5th Rushwater Pili Pala




 Class 20 Mid Limit Bitch
 7 Entries  0 Absent


1st Felinoak My Delilah

2nd Donay Faith

3rd Barrvale Grace

4th Blitzlilie Winter is Coming

5th Likenlees Laurina




Class 21 Limit Bitch
11 Entries 3 Absent


1st Davricard Saffron

2nd Molesend Flurries Diamond

3rd Rosroden Cherry Kisses

4th Clairdale Evelyn

5th Raimex Reed Bunting




 Class 22 Open Bitch
 11 Entries 1 Absent


1st Dufosee Dragon fly of Parkebreeway JW

2nd Ch Serenaker Maid in America

3rd Annavah Lady Gaga

4th Molesend Flurries Diamond

5th Blunderhall Fleur Tayshuss




Class 23 Veteran Bitch
7 Entries 0 Absent


1st Ch Raimex Brittany JW

2nd Dufosee Northern Star

3rd Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM

4th Barvale Ursa Minor at Huntshill Sh.CM

5th Quincerhound Anna Cancan