2019 Open Show (Mar)


23rd March 2019

The Beagle Club Open Show Results


Miss Salley Precey (Detrick)            

Best In Show

Ch Bayard Make Amends JW

Reserve Best In Show

Deaconfield Kingcraft

Best Puppy In Show

Charterwood Storm

Best Veteran/Vintage In Show

Ch Bayard Make Amends JW

Best Junior Handler

Kyra Harrison

Best Dog

Deacpmfoe;d Kingcraft

Reserve Best Dog

Annavah Phoenix

Best Bitch

 Ch Bayard Make Amends JW

Reserve Best Bitch

 Ch Annavah Ginny



Best In Show Line Up




Class 1  Minor Puppy


Entries 2  Absent 0


1st Charterwood Storm

2nd Quincerhound Oreo Bark



Class 2  Puppy


Entries 3 Absent  0


1st Fallowfield Xavior Of Jalhar

2nd Irinstyle Ealge in Flight To Gladstyle (Imp Rus)

3rd Charterwood Sovereign


 Class 3 Junior


 Entries 1 Absent 0


 1st Annavah Phoenix


Class 4 Yearling


Entries 2 Absent 0


1st Deaconfield Kingcraft

2nd Charterwood Character



Class 5 Novice


Entry 0 Absent 0




Class 6 Post Graduate


Entries 3 Absent  1


1st Luluwells Major At Donay

2nd Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne


Class 7  Limit


Entries 4 Absent  0


1st Huntshill Tornado JW Sh.CM

2nd Charterwood Category

3rd Boomerloo's Merlins Magic

4th Janimist The Countryman With Matoutahi


Class 8 Open


Entries 6   Absent 2


1st Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh.CM

2nd Donay Fraser

3rd Charterwood Harvest

4th Dialynne Solace At Gemark


Class 9 Veteran


Entries 4   Absent 2


1st Barterhound Garrison

2nd Bondlea Layman


Class 10 Vintage


Entries 1 Absent  0


1st Gemark Thyme Gentleman


Class 11 Special Beginners


Entries 1 Absent 0


1st Charterwood Character


Class 12 Special Open Working


Entries  2 Absent 0


1st Bondlea Layman

2nd Gemark Thyme Gentleman






Class 13 Minor Puppy


Entries 6 Absent  0


1st Annavah Lady Gaga

2nd Viracocha Onya Marks

3rd Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle

4th Coachbarn Crier

5th Gladstyle Hope And Glory


Class 14 Puppy


Entries 4   Absent  1


1st Gladstyle On A Roll

2nd Viracocha Onya Marks

3rd Tabula Rasa Of Haggatty


Class 15 Junior


Entries 7 Absent 1


1st Julemark Ariadne

2nd Bayard Never Ending Story

3rd Annavah Petal



Class 16 Yearling


Entries 5 Absent 0


1st Charterwood Golden Gem

2nd Deaconfield Keepsake

3rd Chequers Countess Mary Mit Julemark (Imp Ger) JW

4th Matoutahi Hilda Walk Up At Janimist

5th Rushwater Pili Pala


Class 17 Novice


Entries 4  Absent 0


1st Viracocha Onya Marks

2nd Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle

3rd Barterhound Princess

4th Gladstyle One In A Million



Class 18 Post Graduate


Entries 3 Absent 1


1st Huntshill Teasel

2nd Eardley Sam Which


Class 19   Limit


Entries 14   Absent 3


1st Rosroden Cherry Kisses

2nd Rundle Going For Gold

3rd Donay Faith

4th Gemark Siren

5th Nedlaw Queen Of Hearts


Class 20 Open


Entries 7  Absent 2


1st Raimex Reed Bunting

2nd Charterwood Fantasy Island

3rd Barrvale Ursa Minor At Huntshill Sh.CM

4th Deaconfield Innocence


Class 21 Veteran


Entries  6 Absent 0


1st Ch Bayard Make Amends JW

2nd Ch Annavah Ginny

3rd Raimex Rowanberry JW

4th Brialey Tu Tira for Lanesend (Imp)

5th Valsacre Vista JW


Class 22  Vintage


Entries  6  Absent 0


1st Barterhound Razzle

2nd Ch Julemark Hussy

3rd Gemark Temptress

4th Barterhound Begonia At Bedeway

5th Valsacre Echo JW


Class 23  Special Beginners


Entries  5 Absent   2


1st Rosrodens Aphrodite

2nd Bellvalley Dunnit

3rd  Tabula Rasa Of Haggatty


Class 24 Special Working


Entries  4  Absent 1


1st Redcap Bella Sorella JW Sh.CM

2nd tiger Lilly Blossom

3rd Rushwater Pili Pala


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Dog Line Up                                                                                     


 Bitch Line Up


 Junior & Adult Handling Class Winners