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 Schedule for the 2020 Championship Show now available at www.dog.biz

Note error in forthcoming dates printed within the scheudle, the 125th Championship show Gala Dinner will be held 12th June 2021 not 2020 as published.

Beagle Club News Release Feb 20 regarding future show venues can be found HERE.

Latest guidance on Neuturing proudced by the Breed Health Co-ordinator, Sam Goldberg, is available HERE


Results from the Nov 19 Open Show are now available HERE.  Pictures will follow shortly.

The Beagle Club Judging Criteria is now updated and available for viewing or download from our Downloads page.


Latest winner of the Lottery is

Mrs Cartedge



Mar 2020 Open Show - Change of date

Due to unforseen cicumstances, the March 2020 Open Show date has changed  The revised date for this show will be a week earlier on the new date of

March 21st 2020

Judge Mrs T Chapman (Gemark)


Delighted that the KC awarded our Championship Show was graded as Excellent b the KC following their inspection.



Results and pictures from the 2019 June Championship show are available HERE.  

Miss Dawn Banks, Judged dogs at our Championship show 2019, her critique can be found HERE


End of season report from the Working Section can be found HERE


 Sam Goldberg, Beagle Breed Health Specialist, has produced a leaflet on Beagle Health which is available HERE


Schedules now out for the forthcoming Championship Show 

Visit www.dog.biz to download a schedule and entry form.


 Photos from the 2018 Funday now available on our FB page.


2018 Show Results now available HERE

 Dog Judge Critique - BC Championship Show June 2018 - Mr Alistair Parker can be found HERE


In line with new General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR, the Beagle Club have published the new policy regarding Club Members and the use of personal data. Full details can be found HERE. 


The KC have launched a new online portal for judges to share critiques. Details regarding thie new service are available HERE




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Although Beagles had been used for several centuries for hunting in Southern Europe and Britain, it was not until the late 19th century they were exhibited at dog shows in this country. However, there was no organisation for either of these activities, so in 1890 The Beagle Club was formed to promote the breeding of Beagles for sport and show purposes. In 1891 the Association Masters of Harriers and Beagles was formed to regulate hunting activities.

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